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The Universality of Forgiveness


Written by BGU

Man is deeply touched by the power of forgiveness.  To know that you have wronged someone and yet are in perfect standing with them is an elating feeling everyone appreciates. Everyone from every culture loves to be forgiven. We carry with ourselves the Gospel everyday. Whether we talk about it or not, if you truly have the life changing power of Jesus inside of us then the unbeliever can tell. It’s because we hold the one faith that claims restoration of God’s relationship with man not because of something man did, but because of what God has done on the cross. We carry in ourselves the testimony that God forgives and makes new the lives of men. Click on the thumbnail to see the picture closer and you will see the tears in the father’s eyes. The artist  caught a thousand words in this piece, capturing the biblical truth that the Father loves to forgive. Every culture can understand what it means to be forgiven, and because of that we confidently go into all kinds of countries with the news that God is beseeching all mankind to receive his forgiveness. Mercy and forgiveness cut to the heart of all mankind, touching something deeper than any other means of evangelism. A living demonstration of the gospel in our lives will be far more effective than even the most eloquent of sermons or dynamic of teachings. It’s under the canopy of forgiveness that the lost will crowd under to escape the rain of an unforgiving world, whether they be nominal Christians, Muslims, Satanists, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, etc. The Asian, the African, the European, the Australian, the North and the South American are all seeking this quenching spring of forgiveness. If you want to stand out in the world and be a light in the darkness, then forgive.

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