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If you haven’t seen the movie Fireproof, I would encourage you NOT to watch the video posted.


In my experience with talking to others about the Bible I’ve noticed that people are incredibly different from one another, yet all objections are threaded together on one common wire. This wire that all objections to Christianity hang on is a wire of bad experiences with nominal Christians. Often I’ll come across objections that are silly at best, objections that can easily be answered by turning the pages of the Bible and reading its content. The passage about wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15-23) always comes to mind whenever people mention the crusades. According to the Bible someone calling themselves a Christian, or doing something in the name of Jesus, means nothing.

The inclusion of this video is to show you real Christianity. Good works don’t save you. They serve as a sign that you know the One who can save you. Jesus.

When he comes back to righteously judge the nations, he will winnow out the fakes from those who actually know him. The righteous King is no respecter of titles, only truth.

So if anyone has any objections to how Caleb treats Catherine in this movie, than please voice them. I cannot hide the fact that this is what Christianity is supposed to be like. As for any unbelievers who happen to stumble across this post, I want you to know that I’m sorry for all your terrible experiences you’ve had with the fakes.

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