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Twitter Tactics: 8 Tips for Christian Ministries Using Twitter


Written by BGU

These are just a few tidbits I’ve learned since I first started tweeting for BCOM over a year ago. Though this post is directed toward how ministries can use twitter, these tidbits can be used by anyone to grow their follower count.

1. If you find yourself following people who aren’t following you back, don’t immediately unfollow them. Instead, retweet them once or twice and see if they respond. Usually people will ignore you, but once they see that someone else is listening to them for once, they’ll open up to the idea that, “this BCOM_network isn’t so bad after all.” And then they’ll click the follow button.

2. Not being burnt out on twitter hinges on gaining a baby-step action plan. Around 90% of your followers aren’t going to focus on your tweet for more than 2 seconds. The 10% that focus on it is gold. When you tweet, don’t be burned out or let down if half the world population isn’t retweeting you. Just keep tweeting and little by little the world will take notice. Not everyone’s going to notice you at once, but everyone will notice you at least once if you keep tweeting. Don’t give up.

3. Use tweet stats to monitor last month’s tweets and then beat your goal by at least one more tweet. The more you tweet the more people will see you and eventually follow you.

4. Its really hard to ignore someone who talks a lot, and it’s also really hard to ignore someone whose tweets keep on coming up on your public feed. (e.g. @faithfulnews)

5. Never unfollow someone who is following you unless you’re ready to lose them.

6. An effective twitter representative must have the integrity and self-control to avoid watching quick videos or looking at funny pictures. Remember that you are on the internet to sell, not to shop. It takes a lot of work to find interesting content to tweet, especially for a Christian ministry. Christians on the internet have to wade through some major cheesiness at times. Good quality links for believers are hard finds.

7. Watch how the professionals do it. Don’t be ashamed to be a learner.

8. Don’t let the Fail Whale derail you. press F5 and show that mammal who’s boss!

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