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Until We Die to Him, Do We Truly Live?


Written by BGU

207291_multi_purpose_knifeThe young man’s silhouette sat on the edge of the bed. The hallway light was on, shining a yellow tint behind him. Slowly, he raised the sharpened, silhouetted knife  to his neck, holding it there ever so still. “God,” he prayed, “Give me the courage to do this… to end my miserable life…” He then tried time and time again, mustering his strength to slash, but then relenting. Weakened by something hindering him from killing himself, he slowly put the knife into its sheath. He collapsed on the bed, crying out to God, for what was this young man to do in a depression stricken, suicidal generation of youth? He cried out with all of his might for God to save him from his present darkness.

Since then this young man has grown, and is now crying out to God with all his might once again. This time though, he cries out for his generation.

This is a small part of my testimony, the existence I held before giving everything over to Jesus Christ. I believe that the reason why suicide is so rampant, at least in my generation, is because the youth in the west are filled with all kinds of good things (food, clothing, education, money) but lack one thing in particular: purpose. Without purpose, many people will die. Like a pocket knife that is never used, we may have all the gadgets and such, but without God, existence is utterly without purpose. It seems to be in our nature to throw things out that serve no purpose, even a life without purpose. Some throw it away to a binging of alcohol, food, sex, material things, or all of the above. Others throw their life away completely by committing suicide. It’s a lie from the enemy that says life is without purpose, and if you can’t enjoy it, end it.

The great news is that there is purpose, but this purpose comes at a price: death to self. Living a life for Christ entails all selfish ambitions being put to death, and the individual life itself being given to God. He is called the Author of Life (Acts 3:15), and all throughout the Bible His heart is set lovingly on the idea of redemption. He wants to redeem our lives and give us purpose, His purpose, a life lived for His glory. We’ve tried living in the vanity of selfish ambitions, self preservation, but until we die to Him, do we truly live?

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