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Welcome to the Team, America


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For centuries the USA has been known as the leading missions force of the world. From the American boarders came boatloads and caravans of Caucasian believers faithfully spreading the Gospel to the indigenous peoples of the surrounding nations. But times are changing. This is no longer the case. The rising star of the global missions force is no longer sailing under the stars and stripes, but is emerging from places such as Africa, the nation of India, and Korea as well. We are now seeing a great shift in the world of missions. The West is both stepping down and being forced to step down from it’s major role in global evangelization. Not only are we seeing America willingly tapering off it’s involvement in world missions, it’s also growing more difficult for white westerners to enter other countries. What does this mean for us in America? It doesn’t mean that we’re out of the game, nor does mean we should stop seeking the Lord when it comes to global evangelization. Remember that God’s heart and plan is that everyone hears about Him. If that’s really his heart-cry, then we must be involved in any way we possibly can. America is no longer burdening the issue of global evangelization alone. It’s going to take all of us: from believers in Latin America to the church in Vietnam to reach those who don’t know the Truth. So welcome to the team, America. The global body of believers is going to have to work together to tackle this daunting task of 6,759 unreached people groups.    

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