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Part 1: What Is Unique About BGU?


Written by BGU

When I think about what sets Bethany Global University apart I reflect on our Chapel time this morning. There was a time for the student body to pray and seek the Lord’s heart on what he wants for our corporate worship settings on Tuesday mornings. We all split into small groups, got into the Word, and waited on God to give us revelation. Students were able to share what was laid on their hearts and it brought unity amongst us all. It was amazing to see how God was speaking similar themes to all of us, as we were joined in unity by the Holy Spirit, enabling us to connect with one another in love and understanding.

Though this is a great example of the uniqueness of Bethany, it isn’t what sets it apart. Jesus Christ, the one who was, and is, and is to come reigns in this community and that is what makes this place consecrated. It shows through one of our students, Lizzy Barnts. Lizzy shared her burden for the freshman class. She was calling her sophomore class to a higher standard–to love, reach out, and pray for the current freshman. As leaders on campus, she saw the importance in investing in the lower classmen.

So they all made their way to the front of the chapel, every single sophomore man and woman, and welcomed the freshmen students to come, whom they had only known for a short time, with their arms open wide. They prayed and encouraged one another, exclaiming truth and showing what true love is.

What sets this campus apart are students like Lizzy Barnts, who actively walk in obedience and boldly proclaim the truth of God’s word and the love of Christ. Each person who enrolls into this community comes with a fiery passion to spread their light around the world, so that this love exceeds from the cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul to the rest of the world.

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