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You may be wondering whether you’ll need snowshoes and a team of sled dogs to live in Minnesota. Or, maybe you’re planning to rent a moving van for your pool table and plasma screen TV. However, before you do that, here are some tips for your packing list.


• Bring clothing that can be worn for physical labor in case you’re placed in a practical training position or an outreach assignment that requires it (or be prepared to purchase appropriate clothing, shoes, etc. when you arrive). This might include work gloves, work boots or good sturdy shoes, hats, sunglasses, comfortable jeans and shirts that you don’t mind getting dirty, etc.

• Minnesota has a climate that is known for its extremes. We have hot, humid stretches in the summer and bitterly cold stretches in the winter. However, most of the year is fairly moderate in temperature (not too hot or cold). We have all 4 seasons here in all of their glory! So, you will need a variety of clothing (from modest shorts and t-shirts to hats, gloves, and winter coats). We recommend bringing clothing that can easily be layered, to adapt to changing temperatures throughout the year.

• Keep in mind that although our buildings are close together and our campus is small, you may spend considerable time outdoors during your practical training, outreach, or just getting around town. We would recommend that you bring, or plan to purchase, the following:

– Warm, water-resistant winter boots (think practical!) – A down-filled or other WARM winter coat – At least one other lighter weight jacket – Hats, gloves, and scarves

• The dormitories and classroom buildings are comfortably warm in the winter, so standard bedding and classroom clothing are fine (no need for ultra-heavy wool sweaters and down comforters unless you are really sensitive to the cold).

• Other things to bring (just for fun and to make you feel like an honorary Minnesotan!) might include: ice skates, hockey equipment, roller blades, skateboards, hiking, camping and fishing equipment, sleds, snowboards, etc.

• Many students ask if they should have a laptop computer when they come to Bethany. Those who have them would tell you “yes”! They are handy to have in class and portable for taking overseas. Most of the campus is equipped with wireless internet access and the Minneapolis area is known for being a “wired” city, so you can work from your laptop in many public places as well. That said, it is NOT a necessity to have a laptop computer. A desktop computer is fine and you can purchase a wireless card in order to pick up the internet in the dorms or subscribe to your own service. There are also computers available on campus for working on papers and doing internet research. All assigned papers must be typed, so access to some type of computer is necessary, and some classes might require online coursework.


•We provide mattress pads, but no other linens. You will need to bring your own sheets, bedspread, blankets, pillows, and towels. You may also benefit from bringing some kitchen linens (dishtowels, hot pads, oven mitts, etc.) to share with your roommates. Our twin beds are standard twins, NOT extra long. Couples will have queen-sized beds. Parking and Vehicles on Campus

• You are welcome to bring a car or motorbike if you’d like; it’s not a necessity but is very convenient for getting around to your outreach, churches, etc.

• Parking is all outdoors and there is $400 per term parking fee for each vehicle.

• You can reserve a parking space and register your vehicle during orientation week.

• Feel free to bring along a bike! There is no charge and you’ll stay in shape while getting around.

• Please do not bring vehicles besides a car or motorbike (boats, pop up campers, etc) without getting advance permission from the Services Department. Be advised that additional fees will be applicable for additional vehicles.


•See the Dorm Descriptions document enclosed for details about what is in each dorm. A single armchair is the largest piece of furniture allowed to be personally added by a student to his/her dorm room. No love seats, futons or couches are allowed. You may bring additional small furniture items (tables, file cabinets etc) if desired. If you choose to bring additional furniture for your room, you will be charged for each extra piece. This fee will be returned at the end of the year when the piece you brought is removed from the dorm.

Lamps and Appliances

•Overhead lights are in most of the rooms, but you may want to bring your own desk and floor lamps for reading, etc. You may also want to think about bringing along appliances like a coffee/espresso maker, rice cooker, waffle iron, etc. if you enjoy cooking particular items. These appliances may be used in the community kitchen or small kitchenette areas only. They are not permitted in the dorm rooms.


• Your driver’s license or another photo i.d., such as a passport • Your social security card • A medical insurance card, if you have existing insurance • Any documents related to your car, if you are bringing one, such as your vehicle registration • Internationals and Canadians – see the information sent with your I-20 form for a reminder of which documents to bring with you.

Please DO NOT Bring

• Movies that are rated PG-13 for sexual/sensual content or any NC17, R, or X- rated movies. They will not be allowed on campus at any time during your enrollment at Bethany. • Game systems • Clothing that does not meet our dress guidelines • Dorm refrigerators, microwaves, or chest freezers • Televisions/DVD players/VCRs (these are permitted only for families) • Pets (fish in a solid small fishbowl are fine – no aquariums or any other pets)

Note to Married Couples and Families

Your time at Bethany is the opportunity of a lifetime to prepare for overseas ministry. Since you have likely been keeping house for some time, you may find it difficult to decide how MUCH to bring to Bethany. Your apartment will be furnished, your kitchen stocked with the basic equipment, and all necessary cleaning supplies provided (unless you are in Atkins Hall). Please give care & consideration to your choices of what to bring, so they do not become a burden to you. If you have questions about this, please contact Admissions. We’re happy to help you prepare!

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