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“Which Way God?” (cricket, cricket)


Written by BGU

693948_what_to_do_3Have you ever found yourself at a fork in the road, desperately flipping through your Bible, while crying out to God, “Which way?” What do you do when the only answer you get is a chorus of crickets?

Have you considered this:

Could it be that our inability to hear God’s voice is because of something in our lives we need to surrender? Pastor Matt, the senior pastor of Bethany Church, told us at one point that the times where his communication with God felt blocked were the times where he was not surrendering something to Him.

Check your own experience. Could it be that the times where we follow the voice of God in every day life are the times where we are most secure in who we are and whose we are? That’s true for me. Is it true for you?

Think deeply, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what the right thing to do is. It often seems that the  most difficult thing to do is the right thing to do, not in every case though (don’t try eating soup with a fork, you’ll be there for a while), there are times when the easy thing is the right thing. But in my experience, the right thing to do sticks out in my mind pretty clearly. So be silent, then be obedient.

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