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Why You Shouldn’t Read Your Bible


Written by BGU

We, as believers, know the value behind the Bible. It’s a fascinating collection of manuscripts that have endured through many historical persecutions and moral travesties. More than that, it’s the divinely inspired word of God, the creator of all things! But why shouldn’t you read it?

You shouldn’t read the Bible obligatorily because you would feel…

1. guilt,

2. shame,

3. condemnation if you do not.

You shouldn’t read your Bible because you feel you have to in order to be accepted by the Godhead. Know for a fact that you are accepted by God on the basis of faith in his Son. Consider the scores of people who did not have the Bible we have today and yet grew in relationship with the Lord, namely Abraham, Moses, or the early church.

I don’t deny the importance of knowing the Scriptures, especially because we have ample opportunity in our day and age (thank God for the invention of the printing press!). I would encourage you though to get alone with God and ask Him, “Am I reading the Scriptures because I feel I have to in order to be acceptable in your sight? Am I subconsciously reverting to a righteousness by works mindset?” Check the motives of your heart and listen to the Spirit. Do you do it because you have to or because you want to?

It is by faith in Christ and the cross that we are saved. Granted, we wouldn’t know of this unless the eyewitness accounts were preserved. But nonetheless, the heart motive is the issue. The question you may have to ask yourself is, “If I were to suddenly lose every Bible I own, would I be questioning my salvation?”

I hope, and I believe, that the answer is no.

Funny that a post like this would come from a Bible college of all places. Am I encouraging you to not read your Bible? Not so much. I’m encouraging you to not make yourself into a slave of fear or legalism. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves…”

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