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A couple of months ago I wrote on some ways to study the Bible. I wanted to write another post, but leave this one a bit more open ended. How do we get the Word of God in our heads, and, more importantly, in our hearts? In a previous post I wrote on how many unbelievers just don’t know what the Bible actually says, and so it’s our job to present to them the Truth, not according to television, but according to the collection of ancient writings and manuscripts we call the Bible. As Dan Sered implored people while on an Israeli news network, so I also implore all people to read the scriptures for themselves. There is an effect that happens upon reading the Bible, not because there’s power in the book itself, but because it is an awesome tool the Lord uses to touch the human heart with the power of forgiveness, sacrifice and love. Hungrily ask your pastor questions about the Bible, but more importantly, read it for yourself. Mamma always told me to never take a preacher at his word, but to find out if his words agree with the Word. Be the Word nerd!

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