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Your Questions Answered About Bethany Global University


Written by Madeline Peña

Bethany Global University is such a unique place, so understandably, there are many questions. You may even have a few of your own.  We recently took a poll of the most frequently asked questions about BGU and below are the answers.   

What denomination is the school? 

Bethany Global University does not identify with a denomination. It is an inter-denominational organization. However, we do have a Statement of Faith. 

What are the accredited degrees? 

The accredited bachelor’s degree programs offered at Bethany Global University are:   For further information on BGU’s bachelor degrees, click here.    The accredited master’s degree programs offered at Bethany Global University are:    For further information on BGU’s master’s degrees, click here.   

What are the most helpful degrees to get if you want to pursue missions work? 

Here is an overview of our majors at Bethany Global University.    

Bible and Theology

If you do not first understand the Bible yourself, how will you be able to share it with others? BGU offers Bible and Theology as a double major with Intercultural Ministry Studies.   

Intercultural Ministry  

It’s important for you to understand cultural differences and learn how to engage in a culture you’re going to be working with. BGU offers Intercultural Ministry studies as a double major with Bible and Theology.   

Transformational Entrepreneurship in Missions

Business degrees build bridges across cultural barriers and gives you the possibility to disciple people through your work. God can use your passions and abilities in business to share His love with others and make an impact in His Kingdom. BGU offers a double major in Transformational Entrepreneurship in Missions along with Bible and Theology, and also offers a minor in Business 

Education in Missions    

In many countries, education can be highly valued. This is an avenue in which you can minister to children and surrounding families. BGU offers Education in Missions as a double major along with Bible and Theology. There is also the option to have Early Childhood Education as a minor.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Many countries are in high demand for English teachers and people all over the world are wanting to learn English. This is an excellent tool for missions. BGU offers a minor in TEFL.   

Social Justice  

A Social Justice degree gives you a voice to speak up about injustice in the world and stand up for what’s right. BGU offers a minor in Social Justice.   

Other Degrees

Read more on what other missionary degrees could be impactful in mission work.

Do you do online programs? 

For a bachelor’s degree, Bethany Global University requires students to attend classes on campus (Freshman and Sophomore year). However, when living overseas on Internship, all courses will be taken online (Junior and Senior year).  The master’s degree from Bethany Global University is completely online.     

Do your roommates change every school year? Do you have to change your dorms every semester? 

Due to individual circumstances, this question does not have one answer.    However, Bethany Global University takes into consideration the personal preferences of each student. For example, if you were to request the same roommate you had from freshman year for your sophomore year, the staff will take this into consideration.  Dorms may change, but it is not common to change every semester. Typically, BGU upholds continuity for assigned dormitories throughout the school year. 

What does tuition cost look like? 

Tuition at BGU is based on a “tuition-paid” model through scholarships and grants. These grants and scholarships include the Federal Pell Grant, a Practical Training assignment on campus, and the BGU Tuition Scholarship. To see further information about room and board fees, as well as parking costs and payment plans, please see our tuition and fees page.   

Can you work on campus during your first year? 

Actually, all BGU students are required to work on campus in Practical Training to pay for student tuition.   Practical Training is a student’s work placement for the tuition paid model here at our university. Practical training is both on campus or at the university’s nearby coffee shop, Mugshots. Work hours vary depending on the student’s class schedule but must work for approximately 15 hours per week, or a total of 230 hours per semester.   Students are also free to apply to an outside job off campus for their own personal wages.     

How hard is it to fundraise for studying abroad? 

This question considers many variables.  Fundraising includes the number of people you have to contact for support and the amount financially they are willing to give. It also depends on how much time you commit to the task of fundraising.  Here at BGU during your sophomore year, you will take a course called “Partnership Development”. This class is constructed to guide all students through the process of partnering financially with others. When committing to the course instructions, it has proven to launch missionaries on the field with little failure and great success. Building relationships with your partners through a shared vision of what God can do through both prayer and finances is so important. Keep in mind, that this is not a study abroad program, it is missions. If you feel called to missions, then fundraising is just a part of the process. Missions is a lifetime of “fundraising”, so don’t let that hold you back.

How do you deal with homesickness in missions? 

A longing for the familiarity of home is understandable. BGU students face homesickness even at the beginning of their journey to missions. But remember that homesickness is not only normal, it is also conquerable.    Never forget that Jesus is our comfort. He would not bring us into a situation too terrible to bear. When you seek Him, all else will fall into place.    You may deal with homesickness by making the new place your home and trying to enjoy where you’re currently at. Remember why God brought you there. Immerse yourself in the community surrounding you. Love your new home, become acquainted, and know that you are not alone. Soon, you will begin to enjoy your surroundings and the longing for your old, familiar home will be much easier to bear.    Read our blog on 15 Ways Missionaries Can Overcome Homesickness.

Does Bethany International recruit BGU grads? 

The answer is yes, Bethany International does recruit BGU graduates. In fact, Bethany International gives priority to graduated BGU students.  
“The mission [of Bethany International] started with Bethany graduates that wanted to continue missions.”

— Steve Ellison, Missionary Preparation Coordinator   

Bethany International is a “parent” organization of BGU and Bethany Gateways. BGU is the missionary training school under Bethany International and Bethany Gateways is the mission sending agency for Bethany International. 

Do you have anyone who has gone to Brazil? 

Bethany is not actively recruiting missionaries for Brazil, due to the tremendous Church growth in the nation.  Because of Bethany International’s mission is to take the church to where it is not, there is now a strong church in Brazil, so this location is no longer an internship site. However, Bethany International has four long-term missionary families in Brazil. These families have been there for over 25 years.

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