Certificate Programs

Bethany Global University offers two 1-year certificate programs.

Certificate in Bible and Missions

The Certificate in Bible and Missions is a foundational program consisting of the first year courses and requirements of our BA and AA degrees. These courses focus on biblical and theological studies, personal spiritual development, missions and ministry.

A student enrolled at the certificate level may elect to transfer into either the Associates or Bachelor’s degree after the certificate year, since all freshman requirements for both degrees will be met. This makes the Certificate in Bible and Missions a good choice for students who desire basic discipleship and grounding in the Christian faith, while exploring these continuing options.

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Certificate in Pre-field Preparation

This certificate is designed specifically for those who already have a degree but need basic biblical and theological training prior to leaving on an overseas missions assignment. A number of mission-sending agencies refer students to BGU for this purpose and find the training environment ideal for outgoing missionaries.

Students select a personalized full-time curriculum from among the courses offered and engage in practical training, life groups, prayer and worship, and outreach along with the rest of the student body. The college works closely with the mission agency to advise the student; some tailoring of curriculum is provided to meet specific desired outcomes.

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