Business Minor

Learn how to bring social change through innovative partnerships and entrepreneurial business models to collaboratively identify problems and define solutions. You will learn historical and contemporary roles of international businesses and non-government organizations (NGOs), the concept of building social capital, and a basic overview of macro and microeconomics. This minor prepares a student to work in partnership with others in intercultural environments to identify issues and create solutions for social change.

Minor Objectives

  1. Define issues of human need and social change as related to contemporary world issues and the impact of social crises such as war and displacement.
  2. Describe historical and contemporary approaches to social change.
  3. Describe a basic understanding of macro and microeconomics as they relate to social change situations.
  4. Define the concept of social capital and relate it to issues of social change.
  5. Describe biblical approaches to dealing with social change in intercultural settings.
  6. Define and apply issues of partnership and collaboration to the discovery of solutions for social change.

Business Courses

The student must complete all of the following courses and fulfill at least 6 credits of practicum in a related field during the Global Internship.

  • Intro to Business as Missions (2cr.)
  • Creative Access (2cr.)
  • Media and Mission (2cr.)
  • Appropriate Technology (2 cr.)
  • Finances for Small Businesses (2 cr.)
  • Integrity in Business and Ministry (2 cr.)
  • Strategic Plan Development (2 cr.)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (2cr.)

Learn More On Your Global Internship

A number of our ministry sites will have opportunities to put what you learned in your business concentration to use.

  • Working with Business as Missions Initiatives (all sites)
  • Working with Global Publishing Initiatives (Thailand)
  • Working with Social Development Initiatives (all sites)

See Business Minor In Action

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