Global Internship

Learn how to comfortably move between two different cultures quickly through a combination of formal training, experience, interaction, and practical ministry application. Through the Global Internship, you will observe and engage in missionary life firsthand to apply the knowledge you gained in the classroom.

What do the Interns do?

During Global Internship, students will:

  • Live overseas as a team for 16 months at one of our Global Internship sites
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Partner with missionaries and local ministries to bring the Gospel to a people group
  • Study social structures, religion, and worldview
  • Become interculturally minded Christians

Where are the Global Internship sites?

Global Interns are sent in teams. Student teams live together in one of several different locations around the world. The Global Internship sites each provide their own unique environments, languages, cultural and religious contexts and ministry challenges, and opportunities. Global Interns over the past several years have lived on sites in: Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Thailand, France, and Kenya.

New sites are continually being identified and developed to receive Global Internship teams.

Global Internship Locations

Some Global Internship sites are in restricted countries and CAN NOT be listed on our website. If you would like to learn more about these locations as well as more sensitive details about the locations above, please request more information »

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