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Be a Missionary In France

Marseille, France is a port city at the south of France that has been at the center of Mediterranean trade since 600 BC. While Marseille is unapologetically French it continues to see an influx of immigrants from North African countries, making the city a cultural and religious melting pot. Since 2009, BGU has sent students there to reach a population loosing their faith as well as a growing muslim population.

France Quick Facts

  • Total Population:   60,012,000
  • People Groups: 109
  • Unreached People: 4,218,000
  • Unreached People Groups: 38
  • Official Language: French
  • Major Religion: Professing Christianity 61.3%
  • Rank Number 73 on the 2015 Index of Economics

Potential Ministry Opportunities:

While ministry opportunities vary from year to year, here are a few things that have been done before to give you an idea of what ministry could look like in France.

  • Skate Ministry – You can get on your board and ride down to the local skate park and build friendships with the local youth. Through the friendships built, you are then able to disciple the youth.
  • Muslim Ministry – You can get involved in quilt making with the Muslim women in the community and share the love of Christ through your time spent with them.
  • Youth Ministry – You can get involved in a local church serving in the youth department.
  • Human Trafficking Ministry – You can talk to and pray with the women on the street and let them know that you care.
  • Café Ministry – A local church has opened a café to serve the community. You can work in the café and help put together an event to bring the community together.

What Students Are Saying

“In America we are quick to be warm and call someone a friend, but the French are not so quickly warm. However, American’s more easily drop friendships or don’t go very deep with them, whereas the French, once you have the status of friendship, it is not so easily dropped and is incredibly meaningful.”

—Rachael, BGU Student in France

“The spiritual battle taking place in this city is felt by all. You can tangibly feel the oppression of the spirit of isolation, aggression, and lust. France is at 47 out of a list of 170 nations for suicide rate according to the World Health Organization. The number of people living in despair is immense. The result is a desperate need for the gospel of Christ. France needs Jesus. France needs missions. It’s desperate. The people need chains to be broken and the baby Christians need to be discipled.”

—Cassie, BGU Student in France

Things to Do – Places to Visit

  • Calanques is an amazing stretch of hills to hike and climb in. It’s the perfect place to walk and pray and in the summer you can hike down to perfect coves of the sea and go swimming, it’s like Neverland! See them for yourself.
  • The graffiti is in the art district called Cours Julien, it is a beautiful place to get a taste of the local art and culture. Check out Google’s virtual street walk tour of the art district.

Videos & Photos From France

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