Indonesia Global Internship

Indonesia is made up of several islands, south of China and Thailand, and north of Australia. The two largest ethnic groups are Javanese 40.1% and Sundanese 15.5%. The main religion in Indonesia is Islam. There is lots of work to be done in Indonesia with 220 unreached people groups. We have been sending students to Indonesia since 2007.

Quick Facts

  • Total Population:  255,075,000
  • People Groups: 778
  • Unreached People:  155,689,000
  • Unreached People Groups: 220
  • Official Language: Indonesian
  • Major Religion: Islam 80%
  • Rank Number 105 on the 2015 Index of Economics

Ministry Opportunities

  • Candle Making with a NGO – Creating business that is sustainable to then train in natives to take over.
  • Agriculture with a NGO – You can help the local communities by introducing aquaponics to the natives to help them become a more sustainable community.
  • Friendship Evangelism – Talking to people in your neighborhood and going to shops and building relationships.
  • Street Kids – Drop in center for kids to hang out and build relationships.
  • Slum Preschool – Help at a preschool that is essentially in a shack.

What Students Are Saying

“My favorite part is the community that we live in. Our neighbors are so kind and welcoming.”

—Mark, BGU Student in Indonesia

“One of the greatest strengths of this program is in it’s structure to explore and learn language and culture as deeply as we do. Every week we continue to learn new vocabulary words, grammar, and cultural responses, and every week we discuss certain aspects of the culture so that we learn from each other’s experiences.”

—Katie, BGU Student in Indonesia

Things to Do – Places to Visit

  • Ancient Hindu Temple ruins in Java
  • Watch traditional dance/theatre called “Ramayana”.
  • This island is home to many random and unique activities, including archery, boat-less wake-boarding, high-ropes course, and golf.
  • Malls are the go-to entertainment for nationals, to catch a movie ($3 a piece!), visit the arcade, go bowling, buy groceries, or just browse with friends. The malls are always packed with people.

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