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Be a Missionary In Kenya, Africa

With a population that is over 40% evangelical Christians, Kenya has the worlds 3rd highest concentration of Christians (USA and Brazil are first and second). So, why would we send missionaries to a relatively “Christian” nation?  Two reasons, there are still numerous unreached people groups throughout Kenya that have had no chance to hear the gospel and some of the least reached areas of the earth are in proximity to Kenya.

Kenya Quick Facts

  • Total Population:  46,850,000
  • People Groups: 110
  • Unreached People: 5,360,000
  • Unreached People Groups: 31
  • Official Language: English
  • Major Religion: Christianity 76.7%
  • Rank Number 122 on the 2015 Index of Economics

Ministry Opportunities

  • Friendship Evangelism – You can befriend the local people and be a glimpse of Christ in their life.
  • Tea house/Restaurant – Work in a local restaurant owned by missionaries to reach the local people.
  • Local Youth Club – Help put on group activities and study the bible with locals seeking more knowledge.
  • Street Kids Outreach – Minister to local street kids using sports.

Things to Do – Places to Visit

What Students are Saying

“I have been bringing in boxes of bibles into the area. It is a great joy to see people’s eyes light up when they hold their very own first bible. There is a great thirst for truth here- Praise the lord!”

—Tim, BGU Student in Kenya

Photo’s & Video From Kenya

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