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Be a Missionary In Chiang Mai, Thailand

In southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the fastest growing countries economically. It’s also seen a major boom in tourism, yet is very unreached with only .5% evangelicals.

Quick Facts

  • Total Population:   67,301,000
  • People Groups: 114
  • Unreached People: 66,334,000
  • Unreached People Groups: 82
  • Official Language: Thai
  • Major Religion:     Buddhism 84.6%
  • Rank Number 75 on the 2015 Index of Economics

Ministry Opportunities

  • Teaching English – You can teach english to all ages: children, teenagers, college students and adults.
  • Working With Street Kids – Focus on building relationships with the kids by visiting them where they live, playing sports with them, and helping with the education.
  • Human Trafficking Prevention – Help with prevention, intervention, and after care.
  • Working With Kids Who Have Special Needs – You can show them that they are valued.
  • Working at an Orphanage – You can spend time with the children and let them know that they are loved.
  • Working with a Montessori School – Teach children about the world and the gospel through Montessori education.

What Students Are Saying

“Since being in Thailand, I’ve learned and grown a lot! I I’m learning how to live and work with a team, and how to love even when the other people are driving me crazy. I’m learning that sometimes ministry can be hard, messy, or boring, but that it’s all worth it to see someone make a step closer to the Lord. And I’m learning that the gospel can be expressed in different ways in different cultures, and that it’s beautiful.”

—Emily, BGU Student in Thailand

Things to Do – Places to Visit

  • Elephant rides – Take a journey through the jungle on the back of an elephant. Even better if you can ride on their head.
  • Bamboo rafting.
  • Traveling to southern Thailand to visit the beach
  • Night Bazaar and the Walking Street – once a week, a whole street is closed down and converted into a huge local market place.
  • Waterfalls – There are 15 waterfalls within 30 minutes of the Chiang Mai internship site.

Videos & Photos From Thailand

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