BOLD Outreach

Bethany Outreach and Leadership Development (BOLD) develops you as a leader while you engage in a local ministry weekly. In addition to academic excellence, you develop a missional lifestyle before ever stepping onto the foreign field. BOLD allows you to participate in a wide variety of ministries, including service to international communities, inner-city programs, street evangelism, and youth discipleship. The following are some of our outreach opportunities.

Discover Center

Discover enter is an after school mentorship program for adults and children.It empowers families by transforming their daily life through spiritual discipleship, educational empowerment, and leadership development.

Bread of Life

Bread of Life begins with worship and prayer. The teams then disperse to distribute fresh bread and share Jesus Christ. They either go to the Mall of America or the Minneapolis jail. The jail ministry focuses on ministering to the men who have been incarcerated.

Marie Sandvik Center

The Marie Sandvik Center provides for the material and spiritual needs of the poor in the inner city of Minneapolis. This is done through serving a meal, providing groceries, and holding a gospel-centered service for the community.

ICCM Life Center

ICCM Life Center is an urban ministry center located on the south side of Minneapolis, committed to transforming impoverished people through the power of Jesus Christ.

Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha seeks to evangelize and disciple through relationship based simple church planting. Students are trained to listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and find people who are open to looking into the Word of God to learn more about who Jesus is.

Presbyterian Homes

Presbyterian Homes seeks to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults, and to provide more choices and opportunities for these older adults to live well. Bethany students who word with this outreach will have the opportunity to engage with the residents through visits, music, evangelism, and leading devotions.

JLS Learning Center

JLS Learning Center meets in the ICCM Life Center building, and is also focused on inner city ministry. JLS provides the opportunity to minister to elementary and middle school aged students through tutoring in school work and building relationships. A consisted, stable friend and mentor is an invaluable asset to these youth.

Street Level

Street Level is an evangelistic outreach that goes to different areas of Minneapolis to witness to people. These areas include downtown, uptown, University of Minnesota, dinky town, and a local mall.

Global Harvest Church

Global Harvest is a local church whose mission is to reach people of every nation, culture, language, and ethnicity with the gospel, starting right in the Twin Cities. You will be able to disciple and have fellowship with many international church members at this outreach.

Potter's Wheel

Potter's Wheel is a ministry that engages in the life of special needs students from Beyond Limits college.  They provide the love of Christ through mentorship, discipleship, and tutoring.

Jubilee Youth Center

The Jubilee Youth Center is a biblically-based, church-operated mentorship program that takes place in engaging Bible lessons, memory verses, praise songs, and a time for homework help. The main core of this outreach is mentorship, getting on each kid's "turf." Youth receive one on one attention from mentors who care about them and who are committed to seeing them follow Jesus.

Messenger Bootcamp

Messenger Bootcamp is a comprehensive evangelistic training program that develops believers in cultivating intimacy with God and fruitful lifestyle gospel proclamation. The commitments of this outreach are more arduous than a typical outreach option.

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