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Social Justice Minor

The minor in Social Justice allows students to focus on issues directly related to demonstrating the presence of God’s Kingdom on earth, exemplified by responding to issues created by human injustice such as racism, oppression, human trafficking and persecution. Students examine biblical perspectives of
justice and historical patterns of injustice as well as the Church’s historical and contemporary response to injustice. This minor prepares a student to minister in partnership with others in intercultural environments to bring Kingdom principles to bear on issues of injustice in the world today.

Social Justice Minor Objectives

  1. Define issues of human injustice and the cultural and worldview issues which contribute to their cause and perpetuation.
  2. Describe historical and contemporary responses of the Church to issues of social injustice.
  3. Describe Kingdom-oriented opportunities and approaches to dealing with injustice in intercultural settings.

Social Justice Courses

The student must complete 14 credits from the following courses.

Required core courses for the minor:

  • SSC111 Seeking Justice in God’s Mission (2 cr.)
  • SSC422 Social Justice Capstone (2 cr.)

An additional 10 credits from the following:

  • CHM232 Welcoming the Stranger (2 cr.)
  • CHM331 Strategic Plan Development (SJ emphasis) (3 cr.)
  • CHM431 Local Ministry Study Lab (SJ emphasis) (3 cr.)
  • SSC211 A Christian View on Disability Ministry (2 cr.)
  • SSC321 Children at Risk (3 cr.)
  • SSC421 Responding to Human Trafficking (3 cr.)

Learn More On Your Global Internship

  • Ministering to children at risk
  • Ministering to underprivileged populations
  • Ministering to victims of abuse
  • Ministering to victims of human trafficking
  • Ministering to refugee/immigrant/displaced persons