Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Minor

Learn how to teach English in an intercultural ministry setting. The minor, when done within the bachelor's degree program includes a certificate in TEFL. (Note: Most employers outside of the US expect a TEFL certificate. College and university settings may require additional studies at the master’s degree level.) Students will examine the structure of the English language, linguistic patterns, TEFL principles and methods, and optimal educational practice for building lessons and providing leadership in a TEFL classroom situation.

Minor Objectives

  1. Understand the basic grammatical and structural qualities of the English language.
  2. Understand the basic concepts of linguistics.
  3. Apply these concepts in the analysis of English and other languages to describe how these languages work.
  4. Understand and engage the unique perspectives of learners of the English, as well as their needs, motivations, and desires.
  5. Develop and effectively implement lesson plans and activities to teach English to speakers of other languages.
  6. Develop skills in observation and assessment of learner outcomes for development of optimal practices in teaching.

TEFL Courses

The student must complete all of the following courses and fulfill at least 6 credits of practicum in TEFL during the Global Internship. NOTE: To obtain the full certificate in TEFL the student must complete all of the courses listed below and do at least 6 credits of practicum in TEFL during the Global Internship. The certificate in TEFL will be granted upon completion of all minor requirements.

  • Structure of the English Language (2cr.)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (2cr.)
  • TEFL Methods 1 (2 cr.)
  • TEFL Methods 2 (2 cr.)
  • Foreign Language Acquisition (2cr.)

Learn More On Your Global Internship

  • Working with individuals to develop conversational English (All sites)
  • Working in formal English teaching schools as an assistant instructor (Thailand, Indonesia)
  • Teaching English to at-risk women and children (Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya)
  • Working in Christian preschool programs as an English instructor (most sites)

*The individual minors and concentrations are in development and are therefore subject to change.

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