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Bethany Research Institute

The Vision of the Bethany Research Institute (BRI) is to see training programs developed and missionaries equipped to catalyze movements among profoundly unreached and unengaged people groups, through world class research.

The Mission of the Bethany Research Institute is to serve the global frontier mission movement by conducting world class research around movements and missionary competence, and by equipping others in the process.

The Bethany Research Institute is part of Bethany Global University, and as such also under the umbrella of Bethany International.

Why the Bethany Research Institute?

God’s word counsels us: “Great are the works of the LORD, studied by all who delight in them.” (Psalm 111:2 – ESV)

We at the Bethany Research Institute are passionate about studying what God does around the world.

Too much of mission practice today is based on traditional methods, anecdotal evidence, or short-lived fads.

We believe we best partner with God in His mission by studying carefully how He is at work. Research, we believe, has a prophetic voice.

Our commitment is to serve others with relevant, practice-oriented research that addresses the questions, needs, issues, struggles, unknowns and bottlenecks that frontier missionaries face today. Research, we believe, is a servant.

Current Research Projects

  • Research into movement catalysts – the qualities and competencies of those who have effectively catalyzed a movement
  • The spiritual formation journey of emerging movement catalysts
  • Movement training – identifying training approaches and best practices that effectively impact the ministry of movement practitioners
  • Assessments of missionary training programs’ effectiveness, curricula, and outcomes
  • Assessments of movement training seminars
  • Impact assessments of movement training seminars

This initiative is spearheaded by Dr. Emanuel Prinz, Senior Research Consultant.

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