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Parent FAQ's

How does BGU prepare students for the financial costs of their Global Internship?

Students learn how to fundraise the costs of their Global Internship during their time at BGU. They take classes to learn best practices and methods for building their network and partnerships. This model, combined with BGU’s scholarship opportunities, keeps tuition affordable, allowing students to pursue their degrees and graduate with little to no debt. For more information, visit our Global Internship fundraising page.

How does BGU choose its Global Internship site locations?

Each location has been carefully and prayerfully chosen by the Global Internship Leadership Team. Aspects, such as site leadership, safety, accessibility, finances, contingency plans, learning opportunities, and ministry experience, have been taken into consideration in each context. All sites have leadership provided by short-term and long-term Bethany missionaries or BGU partner organizations.

How does BGU make decisions about safety for students on Global Internship?

Students receive safety training from experienced staff before leaving on Global Internship. They register for international health insurance, provide a list of emergency contacts, and receive emergency contact information for appointed staff. While on Global Internship, interns live near our long-term workers and partners who help them acclimate to their new environment. 

BGU provides a detailed contingency plan for each internship site in the event of an emergency. We monitor travel advisories with the state department and do not place interns on the front lines of insecure locations. We recommend interns register with their host country’s consulate. 

Parents can contact BGU staff directly with any questions during their student’s Global Internship.

How do I contact student billing?

For questions or concerns regarding payment plan options, discussing your financial situation, the cost of attendance, etc. contact studentbilling@bethanygu.edu or 952.996.1458

How do I contact the financial aid office?

For questions or concerns regarding FAFSA, loans, FAFSA verification, etc. contact financialaid@bethanygu.edu or call 651.372.4350

Student Privacy

Notice of Availability of Institutional & Financial Aid Information

All institutions participating in Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) student financial aid programs must annually distribute to all enrolled students a notice of the availability of the information that is required to be made available to students under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. The notice must list and briefly describe the information and include a statement of the procedures required to obtain the information.

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Apr 28

Envision: The Hard Hat Tour

Apr 28

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