Bethany Global University: Don’t Miss Out On Your Call To Missions

God has called you into missions, but it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully, there is a place where you can earn your degree while doing missions. Bethany Global University provides just that.

What Is Bethany Global University

Bethany Global University is an accredited, hands-on missions training school. It’s four-year bachelor’s program gives you the opportunity to receive two years of on-campus missions training followed by 13 months of a global internship overseas. The internship provides hands-on missions experience while studying. All students automatically double major in Bible theology and the major of their choice, along with a minor in intercultural studies. 

Here you will find out more about Bethany Global University and why it is the right missions college for you. Below will be a description of each of the phases of the bachelor’s program, along with thoughts and feedback from our own students.

On-Campus Training

During freshman and sophomore years, students take classes based on their chosen major on campus. Bethany Global University offers three different degrees: Education in Missions, Transformational Entrepreneurship, and Intercultural Ministry. Each major automatically double majors in the the major of their choice and Bible & Theology. The Education and Entrepreneurship majors automatically minor in Intercultural Ministry studies. The first two years of a student’s time at BGU are spent studying and preparing for their Global Internship. Along with classes, students also attend Chapel and weekly Life Groups. Chapel is a time set apart twice a week where students take part in worship and listen to a message. Life Groups meet once a week and have a time of fellowship and growing deeper in the Lord together.

The on-campus training for a student’s first two years are focused on intensive training that equip them for Internship, and possible long-term missions after graduation by learning Biblical theology, practicing going out and ministering to the local community, and gain deeper understanding and experience within their chosen major.

Here are brief descriptions of each of the majors.

Intercultural Ministry Studies

Students are trained to minister effectively in a cross-cultural environment. In this major, student’s grow in their intercultural social skills and develop a godly character. Students are equipped and empowered for their cross-cultural Global Internship that takes place their junior and senior year.

Transformational Entrepreneurship

It is possible to incorporate business and missions together. In this major, students double major in Bible & Theology and Transformational Entrepreneurship. The main focus of this major is learning how to transform lives, cultures and societies for Jesus through entrepreneurship.

Education In Missions

If you have a heart for teaching and children, this is the major for you. Bethany Global University focuses this degree through a Montessori system. Students learn how to help children grow in Christ while they share the gospel to the lost. Click here to learn more about our Montessori program.

Global Internship

Global Internship takes place for 13 months, starting Junior year, and ending Senior year. During Global Internship students receive hands-on mission work in teams while working in a cross-cultural environment. 

During Internship students learn a foreign language, depending on where their internship site is. Students partner with local ministries with the heart of bringing the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the lost. Global Internship is a time when students learn the social structures, religion, and worldview. Some of the places that students have been sent to can include Montenegro, Morocco, Northeast Africa, Ghana and much more.

The Internship is organized into four terms, each of them with a specific focus for the students.

The first term takes place from September – December. This term is about community entry where students learn the language of the country they’re sent to. Students also learn about the culture and build relationships within the community.

The second term is from January – May. This portion of Global Internship is about religion and worldview. During this period students build ministry skills and gain an understanding of the religion of the nation.

There is also a Global Internship retreat during this term. This retreat is meant to be a time for students to refresh and rejuvenate from the adjustment to a cross-culture environment during a week-long vacation. There is the option to return to the US, or family members are also allowed to visit.

The third entry from May – August.September – December. This last term focuses on intercultural ministry. This portion points toward gaining an understanding of theological and practical contextualization. Students also prepare to leave and adjust back to life in the US.

All during the hands-on missionary work and ministry training, students continue their studies with BGU through online classes.

 Yearly Events

Everyone at Bethany Global University is connected and there are lots of times to have fellowship with the student body and staff. Throughout the entire BGU experience, there are yearly fun events. Some of these include the Furnace and Forge, Student Appreciation, Men and Women’s retreat, the yearly Christmas party, Men and Women’s appreciation, and much much more!

Here are some descriptions of some of the many events we have here at BGU.

Men’s & Women’s Retreat

Students get a weekend away off campus and go to a cabin in northern Minnesota. The retreats are a time for men and women to focus on their relationship with the Lord, and have intentional time of prayer and worship.

There are also games such as broom ball, sock wrestling and crafts. Click here to see a video preview.

The Forge And Furnace

The Forge and Furnace are annual events that is a favorite among BGU students. During the Fall semester students can choose to participate in either one. The Forge is a fun event that challenges you physically, mentally and emotionally that builds your teamwork skills. Activities during the Forge include relay races, puzzles, physical exercises and riddles.

The Furnace is an event that gives students a time and space to press into the Lord. The Furnace is meant to set our hearts on fire for Jesus. Activities during The Furnace include worship, individual and corporate prayer and evangelism.

Campus Preview Weekend

If you are considering whether Bethany Global University is right for you, you are invited to our annual event called Campus Preview Weekend. This is where you get the chance to visit the university in person. Bethany Staff gives life-impacting messages along with providing housing and meals for prospective students. Campus Preview Weekend hosts campus tours, life group activities, and an international dinner. Campus Previewers also receive a $300 discount towards their first year at BGU for attending. There is also the option to have a private Campus visit if you are unable to attend the Campus Preview Weekend. 

These events are a great time to connect with friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. Check out the home page of the BGU website for details on when the next one will be.


We have interviewed a student from each year about their experiences at BGU and Global Internship. Here is what they had to say.


What are you most excited about for Global Internship?

“Just being immersed in a culture where I have nothing else or no-one else to rely on besides God. The fact that I get to meet people and build relationships with them and have the opportunity to show them where the living water is is just a blessing in itself.” -Luci McCabe


What do you look forward to in internship? 

“I am most looking forward to building friendships and relationships with others as I learn a new language and navigate through a new culture!”  -Zoe Goodrich


What is your favorite thing about internship?

Forming friendships with people here in Serbia and seeing how much I have grown since being here. It has been very sanctifying.” – Karlea


What did you love most about internship?

“When I learned how to actually abide in Christ and rest in His promises. Internship required a new level of humble dependence on the Lord that’s never required in America.” -McKenzie


Here are the team members who wanted to share their love and excitement for BGU as they experienced it through this post. We hope you will join us on this journey in missions.


Jennifer Fairchild (She has requested her photo to not be included in this post)

Stephanie Boone

Destiny Barker

Emily Kanasky