Live Interculturally

Spend time immersing yourself in a new culture, working with experienced ministry organizations, and gaining hands-on experience through Bethany Global University’s Global Internship program. 

Taking the Classroom to the Field

All BGU undergraduate students take part in our Global Internship program, gaining hands-on experience in their field of study. Beginning their sophomore year, students have a choice to live overseas learning what it means to serve and work in a cross-cultural setting. We have sites all over the world where students learn from experienced ministry partners.


What You’ll Learn

During Global Internship, students take online classes while serving overseas that directly correlate with their field of study. You’ll learn a new language, cross-cultural communication, social structures, religion, and different worldviews. Experience for yourself what it means to explore a career in intercultural ministry and missions.


Explore Your Field of Study

Go to sites tailored to your field of study, whether majoring in intercultural ministry, education, or business. 

Work Hands-On

Gain hands-on experience with our partner organizations, giving you skills you can take with you to your future career. 


Serve Communities

Be a blessing to communities needing positive impact in business, education, and more. Help bring social and economic transformation by supporting established mission work being done. 

Live Interculturally

Immerse yourself in a different culture, study the local language and religion, build relationships with the local community, and share the love of Christ with them.

Internship Locations

Global Interns have lived in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Learn about our partnerships and sites continually being identified and developed to receive teams.

Explore Sites & Partnerships


At BGU, nearly every student who commits to the partnership process is able to go on Global Internship. Discover how students fundraise the cost while attending school. 

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Take it From Our Students

Hear student testimonials about internship and get a taste for what serving overseas is like.

Watch Student's Stories