Bachelor of Arts in
Intercultural Ministry Studies

After 60+ years of training missionaries, we have perfected the learning process that has become our BA in Intercultural Ministry Studies and Bible & Theology. This program will teach you how to minister effectively in any culture and any country by deepening your walk with God, growing your intercultural social skills, and developing a godly character.

Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major

Bible & Theology:  The first two years of the program focus on biblical and theological study to deepen your understanding of God’s Word, provide a foundation for godly character, and provide the substance for spiritual growth.

Intercultural Ministry Studies:  The following 16 months are then spent participating in a Global Internship. During this time, you will continue studying while doing missions with one of our partners around the globe. You will learn the local language as you immerse yourself into a foreign culture.

Choose From Four Minors

Students pursuing our Bachelor’s degree have the option to pursue the following minors by choosing 12 credits of electives within these areas and by participating in 6 credits of practicum related to their minors during the Global Internship phase of the program. Currently we offer four minors:

Learn how to bring social change through the use of innovative partnerships and entrepreneurial business models to make an impact internationally.
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Learn how to minister directly to the needs of pre-school age children in an intercultural environment.
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Learn how to respond to human injustice in a way that brings God’s Kingdom to earth.
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Learn how to teach English as a foreign language as a way to open doors for the gospel in another country.
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