Mission Trips: Top 50 Trips, Organizations, Destinations, Activities, and Ages


Written by Shyann Swearingen

Have you always wanted to go on a missions trip, but have no idea where to start? Missions trips are something I believe everything should be a part of. There are many different options based on your age skills and calling.

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This blog will help you understand the benefits of short-term mission trips and find the perfect mission trip for you and even end with you booking your flight for your next trip.

What Is A Mission Trip?

Mission trips are organized trips to a specific location either in the states or another country. The sole purpose of these trips is for participants to be the hands and feet of Jesus by being a part of the great commission. Each country has its own needs, so the opportunities for every trip varies.

A mission trip is an open door to spread the gospel and God’s love to those who do not have access to it.

Immersing yourself in a completely unknown country and sharing the gospel to complete strangers can sound intimidating at first, but we’re called to live a life that grows us.

Don’t be afraid to expand yourself, to step out of your comfort zone. That’s where the joy and the adventure lie.

Herbie Hancock

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone by going on a mission trip will allow you to not only grow in obedience but also joy.

Different opportunities for those who participate in mission trips are: Working with women, children, the homeless community, human trafficking victims, and those with disabilities. There are also several different ministries open for you to participate in the trip based on your calling and experience.

To get further examples of what you do on mission trips click here.

Long Term Mission Trips

There are two different options for the length of mission trips long term and short term.

Long term trips can range anywhere from one year to the rest of your life. This concept can be scary to some, yet exciting to others.

Long term trips aren’t for everyone which is okay, but these trips offer other opportunities that short term does not.

These longer trips allow you to fully absorb the culture you are immersed in because you can take some time to discover it before jumping into your ministry.

You can take time to focus on learning the language while in the country instead of feeling stressed to learn it before.

By going on a long term mission trip you are also able to have a larger and deeper impact on the area you are placed in. Being in a country for a long period of time allows you to grow a deep relationship with the local community and gives you more time to be intentional.

If you would like to learn more about how mission trips help people overseas and in the U.S. click here.

Short Term Mission Trips

Short term mission trips are another option for those who feel called to share the gospel in another country but don’t feel called or are unable to do long term.

These trips can be as short as one week or as long as six months.

Shorter trips are an amazing opportunity for those who are unable to get a lot of time off of work or don’t feel called to long term. These trips still give you a chance to disciple the locals and make an impact in the country you travel to.

Though short term trips do not have all of the same benefits as long term they are still beneficial when done right. You have to go with the mindset that you may not make a huge impact while there and be content with just planting seeds in the community.

Click here for more information on how to have an effective short term mission trip.

Benefits Of Mission Trips

Mission trips when done right bring many benefits to both the participants and the local community of the country traveled to. Here are all the benefits of mission trips.

  • Grow in leadership skills
  • Learn a new language
  • Be a part of the great commission
  • Get first-hand experience of what being a missionary looks like
  • Share the gospel to those who have not heard it before
  • Help the community by fulfilling their needs
  • Raise leaders in the local community
  • Teach locals how to provide for their own needs while also learning how to depend on God
  • Bring joy to those who are currently experience trials
  • Help free others from their bondage by the holy spirit working through you

To see a continued list of the benefits of mission trips and how they can go wrong click here.

Finding The Right Mission Trip For You

The options are endless and constantly growing when it comes to mission trips, so finding the right one for you can be sometimes stressful. However, it is not an impossible task.

In order to find the right task, you have to remove the idea of the right trip and replacing it with the mindset that with your eyes on Him, He will lead you where you need to go.

After fixing your mindset take time to pray and brainstorm about where you feel called. Then about the skills, He has equipped you with as well as the ministry you feel called to.

This will help you to then filter which trips are options for you based on everything listed above. Then you will have fewer options and be able to figure which trip is best for you.

9 Mission Trip Categories

Here’s a compiled list of trips split into different categories to help you find the trip/ organization that will work best for you.

1) Mission Trips For 2021

If you’re looking for a trip for this current year, but don’t know where to start this list is the one for you.

To see the complete list of all trips occurring in 2021 click here.

Royal Servants – Mission Trips

Royal servants offer teens and college students the opportunity to spread the gospel in different countries each summer.

This coming year they are offering trips to the Philippines, Brazil, Barnabas, Costa Rica, China, Europe, Ireland & Scotland, Morocco, Kenya, Nepal, and Nehemiah.

To sign up for one of their trips this upcoming summer click here.

Engage – Mission Trips

Engage’s goal as an organization is to train all who go on their trips to live life with a kingdom mindset by seeing all that God is doing in the country they travel to. Engage offers short-term mission trips during the summer for those who feel led to be trained and grow as disciples of Christ.

This year Engage is hosting trips to Northern Ireland, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Cambodia, and Ecuador.

To learn more about their trip opportunities click here.

Semester Mission Trips By World Race

Semesters by World Race offers young adults from 18-22 the chance to seek first the kingdom of God by taking the time to disciple others. Their trips range from 1-6 months and each trip offers different opportunities.

This year you can spend a semester with World Race in North Carolina, Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Romania & Serbia, and many more.

To see all World Race’s trips click here.

2) Mission Trips For Adults

Though many mission trips are targeted towards youth and young adults, there are still many organizations that offer trips for adults.

To see a complete list of mission trips for adults, click here.

Mission Of Hope – Mission Trips

Mission of Hope strives to bring transformation to every individual their participants interact with on their trips by bringing them to know Christ.

Mission of Hope also offers medical focused trips to help bring medicinal help to communities that need it the most.

They currently offer trips to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. To learn more about their trips click here.

Operation Mobilization – Mission Trips

Operation Mobilization is focused on training aspiring missionaries to gain experience before they enter the field. They offer both six month and long term trip opportunities to those who feel called to be a part of the great commission.

They currently offer trips to Japan, the Philippines, Australia, and Belgium.

Click here to discover more about Operation Mobilization

World Gospel Outreach – Mission Trips

World Gospel Outreach focuses on providing medical and dental care globally to those who need it the most. They also help renovate homes to create a healthier living environment.

World Gospel Outreach takes teams to three different destinations in Honduras.

Sign up by clicking here.

3) Mission Trips For College Students

Take a break from your studies by going on one of the trips listed below. To see more trips for college students click here.

Experience Missions – Trips

Experience Missions helps you put your faith into action by serving others and sharing the goodness of our God. These trips allow you to bond with your team made up of other Christ-followers in your age range. You can spend 1-2 weeks, 1-6 months, or 9 months overseas.

With Experience Missions, you can go to Jamaica, Costa Rica, South Africa, Israel, and many other countries. Click here to see all the options.

Ethnos 360 – Mission Trips

Ethnos 360 gives college students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with church planting in Papa New Guinea. These trips are a month long during the summer and is targeted specifically towards college students.

To see all that you get to experience on their trips click here.

Mission Discovery – Mission Trips

Go on a short term mission trip that makes a long term impact by traveling with Mission Discovery. Mission discovery is run by missionaries with years of field experience who guide participants through the dos and dont’s of missions.

Travel to Guatemala, Jamaica, Swaziland, Mexico, and Haiti with Mission Discovery by clicking here.

4) Mission Trips For High Schoolers

High school is a great time to step out of your own desires to pursue God’s desires for His kingdom.

For a complete list of mission trips for high schools – click here.

Youth Works – Mission Trips

Deepen your relationship with Christ by serving with Youth Works. They mainly run mission trips with in the states to focus on our own country, but occasionally offer trips to other countries.

These trips run during the summer in Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, and Iowa.

Click here to check out their site.

Adventures In Missions – Trips

Adventures in Missions gives 14-18 year olds the chance to spend two to four weeks overseas in a group with their fellow peers. Students will spend their time practicing being the hands and feet of Jesus to others through serving.

With Adventures in Missions, you have the opportunity to go to Ecuador, Eswatini, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Romania, and Thailand.

Click here to experience an Adventure in Missions

Teen Missions International – Mission Trips

Become stronger in your faith in the Lord while gaining wisdom and experience to share with others by traveling with Teen Missions International.

They offer trips both within the states and internationally. Some of the countries they currently have sites in are Brazil Taiwan, Iceland, The Philippines, and Poland. Click here for the full list.

6) Medical Mission Trips

Medical mission trips are a great option for doctors, nurses, or anyone with experience or a desire to work in the medical field.

To see a complete list of nurse mission trips, click here. For a full list of medical mission trips click here.

Global Health Outreach – Mission Trips

Global Health Outreach leads trips that provide medical, surgical, and dental care to those in countries that do not have access to these resources regularly.

GHO pairs evangelism and medical care in order to share the good news of our savior and to help others.

GHO works in many areas globally including Greece, North Africa/Middle East, The Dominican Republic, and West Africa. Click here to get involved.

Mission To The World – Mission Trips

Mission To The World is a missions organization that offers many different short term trips including ones focused on providing medical care.

They offer healthcare to locales in the communities they serve and missionaries.

On these trips, you’ll have the chance to work alongside doctors, counselors, and administrators who already have connections in the community, so that there is already a level of trust when you provide care.

Travel to Belize, Honduras, Peru, Africa, Cambodia, South Asia, and Europe with Mission To The World by clicking here.

ABWE International – Mission Trips

Association of Baptists for World Evangelization (ABWE) sends registered nurses to Southwest Asia for two months to a year.

This trip allows you the opportunity to provide medical care to missionaries and locals, while also spreading the gospel in an area that is predominantly Muslim.

You are able to receive training before going on the trip so that you feel fully equipped to plant the seed of the one true God in others’ lives.

ABWE also has many partners, so you can be reassured that you will have the financial assistance needed to go on this trip.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity with ABWE.

Medico Mission – Trips

Medico provides healthcare as well as healthcare education to communities in Central and South America.

Medico values teaching those they care for how to care for themselves in order to provide a long-lasting impact in the community.

With Medico, you can bring your teens, 15 and up, along with you on your 7-10 day trip so that you can serve as a family. You can currently go to Honduras with Medico by clicking here.

Project Hope – Mission Trips

Project Hope strive to provide life-changing medication, vaccines, and educate others about their health in order to make a long term impact.

On these trips, you get a chance to help those in hard to reach areas by traveling on the SS Hope. Though most trips are held on ships, there are locations where you will spend most of your time on your feet to travel.

Project Hope offers medical resources in China, Africa, Central & Southeast Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, and The Middle East. Sign up to help make a long-lasting impact by clicking here.

7) Volunteer Mission Trips

The list below is for those of you who are desiring to be a volunteer on a mission trip and give your time to the organization by serving those who need to know and grow closer to Jesus. Click here to see the entire list.

Extreme Response International – Mission Trips

Extreme Response’s goal as an organization is to help those who are in extreme situations. They strive to help those who are currently living in poverty by giving them the resources they need to help themselves be in a better situation and have an opportunity to provide for themselves.

Extreme response has many different outreach opportunities and trips throughout, so you have several different options depending on which one you feel more called to go on.

Their trip locations include the U.S., Canada, Ecuador, The Philippines, and South Africa.

Click here to check out their website.

8) Individual Mission Trips

Individual mission trips are a great opportunity for those with adventurous hearts or those who are considering missions as a long term career.

Whichever one you are this list will help you find a trip that will help you get a taste of missions and adventure.

Click here to see more trips for individuals.

Mexico Caravan Ministries – Mission Trips

Mexico Caravan Ministries gives individuals the opportunity to get a taste of missions through their trips. You have the chance to serve for a week building houses and hearing lectures or spend 3-5 months as an intern on their base.

This program helps provide all participants with a mission mindset and to gain experience in the missions field. To sign up for one of their trips for a life-changing experience click here.

YWAM – Mission Trips

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a large organization that is focused on training, equipping, and growing teens- young adults so that they can leave their trips with a sense of purpose and a deeper relationship with their Heavenly Father.

YWAM has many opportunities for those who feel called to missions including volunteer roles, Discipleship Training School, and short-term mission trips. Each one offers countless benefits for participants.

Travel to Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, The Middle East, and South America.

To learn more about YWAM and its mission click here.

International Messengers – Mission Trips

International Messengers is focused on mobilizing Christians to be effective missionaries. They offer both short term and long term mission trips so that you can get a larger taste of the mission field.

With International Messengers you can participate in the following ministries: Working at a summer camp, church planting, working with refugees, youth ministry, and marriage & family outreach.

Travel to Egypt, Peru, Romania, Ukraine, and Hungry by clicking here.

9) Africa Mission Trips

With Africa’s current poverty rate of 41% and the evangelical percentage being 49% it is a great country to travel to on a mission trip to share the gospel and provide needed items to the community.

One Collective – Mission Trips

One collective focuses on transforming select communities and striving to model Jesus’ way of ministry.

One collective provides opportunities to help the communities become more self-sustaining and provide the locals with opportunities for discipleship.

With One Collective you can travel to Bujumbura, The Eastern Cape, Mzamomhle, and Chibolya.

Click here to look at their website.

Love Africa Mission – Trips

Love Africa Mission is an initiative of Nathan Smith Ministries. Love Africa focuses on communities within Africa. Their mission is to raise up disciples of Christ within this country and support missionaries already placed in this area.

Love Africa has bases in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, and Rwanda.

To get connected with Love Africa click here.

How To Book Your Trip

After praying and using discernment to decide which trip is best for you it is time to book your trip.

Booking your trip is fairly easy once you know how to actually do it, so I compiled this short step-by-step list of everything you need to do to book your trip.

  1. Choose your trip: As I said earlier in the post choosing your trip can sometimes be stressful, but give this step over to God and have peace with where He leads you.
  2. Book your trip: After choosing your trip you need to book your trip. Go to the website of the organization that’s hosting and sign up. Depending on the organization you will have to fill out an application and go through several steps in order to get signed up.
  3. Book your flight: Now it’s time to book your flight. I recommend doing this as soon as you have fully completed the signup process for your trip. Depending on the organization you may have to go through a specific airline or meet at a specific airport so that your whole team can fly together. Make sure to communicate with your team leader before you book your flight so that you have all of those details. Flight prices are usually not included in the price of the trip, so I recommend spending some time looking up flights to the country you are traveling to before signing up to make sure it’s in your price range.
  4. Get your Passport, Visa, and Vaccines: For every country, you travel to outside of the U.S. you will need a passport, so make sure you get this either before or after booking your trip. If traveling to Mexico or Canada for your trip you can get the card, but all other countries will require the passport book. Some countries also require a visa depending on the duration of your trip, so make sure to contact the leader of your trip to learn the steps you need to take to get your visa. Vaccines are also something that you will have to look into before your trip since some countries require certain vaccines in order to protect you and those in their country.

I hope this blog helped guide you to your next mission trip and put missions on our heart so that you can be a part of the great commission. Safe travels, friends.

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