Earn Your Master’s Degree in Intercultural Ministry Education

Bethany Global University’s online M.A. in Intercultural Ministry Education degree will prepare you to train others to be effective in their ministries and mission work. You’ll focus on learning effective global church planting skills and developing the ability to design missionary training programs, all with a goal of propelling exponential growth of the Gospel.


Through This Christ-Centered Program, You’ll:

  • Learn how to successfully plant and grow a church within another cultural context
  • Develop skills in designing missionary training programs and curriculum
  • Enhance your ability to understand and teach effective cross-cultural communication
  • Gain effective teaching methods for differing cultural settings and student learning styles
  • Learn how to do field training for skills development in cross-cultural settings

Choose Between Two Online Tracks

The Course Track

Designed to be more content based. This track focuses on how you can apply and implement what you’re learning in the classroom into your field immediately.

The Thesis Track

Designed for those who want to further their education after completing the M.A. program or teach in an academic setting. This track is beneficial to those wanting to minister abroad, as some countries only acknowledge M.A. degrees with a written thesis.

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