Earn Your Degree in Education in Missions

The Education in Missions degree teaches you how to shine Jesus’ light while equipping students with an invaluable resource—access to education. You’ll learn the Montessori method, an internationally recognized education philosophy based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play.

Why Should I Study Education in Missions?

Montessori teaching is used around the world. This degree prepares you to work in a variety of settings and share the Gospel while doing it. You’ll get hands-on experience and expert instruction from the founder of one of the largest Christian Montessori communities in the country.

What Can I Do With this Degree? 

  • Work with students locally and abroad
  • Live overseas and work in the Montessori context
  • Work as a school aid or assistant teacher
  • Teach English overseas
  • Eligible to pursue certification as a Montessori instructor in the U.S. and overseas
  • Intercultural ministry
  • Bible teaching and discipleship
  • Work in a Christian nonprofit or church

What Skills Will I Develop? 

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Early childhood or elementary education
  • Montessori teaching methods
  • Hands-on experience in the classroom
  • Versatility in teaching a variety of subjects
  • Understanding of core theological concepts
  • Biblical literacy
  • Bible study skills

Double Major in Bible & Theology  

BGU undergraduate degrees include a double major in Bible & Theology, providing you with a firm Biblical foundation to compliment your career. Studying Bible & Theology along with Education in Missions will deepen your understanding of God’s Word, equip you with key skills for effectively ministering to others, and encourage personal spiritual growth.

Global Internship Program

For 13 months starting your junior year, you’ll put your skills and knowledge to the test through BGU’s Global Internship Program. Students gain cross-cultural experience for their future careers by working with experienced partner ministries around the world.


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