Why Earn a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery? We answer your FAQ’s.

Considering a career in midwifery?

Midwifery is a profoundly needed occupation globally. This life-saving profession assists women through prenatal (pregnancy) care, during birth, and with post-partum aftercare. A midwife is trained to monitor the health and development of the child within the womb and care for the mother’s health through all stages of the process. They provide necessary medical care for women and newborns to prevent complications and to assist in the overall wellness of mother and child.

There is a high demand for workers in this field both in the U.S. and abroad. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), midwives and nurses make up more than 50% of the global healthcare shortage.

Are you ready to answer the call to serve in this vital role?

To help you research, we broke down some frequently asked questions about our B.S. in Midwifery.

What do the classes and coursework look like for BGU’s Midwifery program?

BGU’s Midwifery degree includes a combination of online and on-campus courses. In this major, you will also be required to complete off-campus clinical hours with a preceptor, giving you hands-on experience in labor and delivery.

While BGU does not provide a preceptor for completing the clinical portion of the program, our staff will assist you in finding a certified midwife to work with.

Some of the coursework you’ll take includes:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Antepartum, Intrapartum, Postpartum, Lactation, and The Newborn 
  • Intro and History of Midwifery in a Global Context
  • Intro to Missions, Hermeneutics, Cultural Anthropology, and Intercultural Communications 

All our majors also include a double major in Bible and Theology, providing you with a firm Biblical foundation to complement your Midwifery career.

A full coursework list can be found HERE.

Will I have to live on campus?

Yes. A portion of your degree will be at the BGU campus in Bloomington, MN. You are required to be on site for the Fall of your freshman year, Spring of your sophomore year, and a portion of the Fall of your senior year.  During the remainder of the program, you will primarily be working with your preceptor at their clinical location while taking classes online.

Will I live overseas?

Yes! For your junior year and part of your senior year, you will live overseas on Global Internship for 13-months. This is a requirement for all BGU undergraduate degrees.

While locations can differ every year, the current site for our midwifery majors is in the Philippines working with a maternity center. You will experience cross-cultural immersion, learn the language, culture, and work with partnering ministries. Your BGU classes will continue online as you gain hands-on experience in the field. 

How do I become a licensed midwife?

Upon completion of the BS of Midwifery, graduates will be prepared to take the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) board exam. Upon completion they earn a U.S. Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) certificate

The CPM certificate allows you to practice in most U.S. states and in many countries abroad, however, you will need to verify the specific requirements for where you plan to work after graduation. For more information, click HERE.

How can I use a degree in Midwifery for missions and ministry?

Midwifery offers a unique opportunity in missions and ministry, allowing you to enter contexts that are difficult to reach due to cultural, religious, and political barriers. Your work as a midwife not only takes care of the physical needs but allows you to build relationships caring for patients’ spiritual, mental, and emotional health.

BGU Midwifery Program Chair Krystina McNeil explains it this way:

“The midwife has the ability to reach the entire family, unlike any other platform of missions. The midwife can care for the woman for the duration of her pregnancy. 8-9 months [of care] usually win the favor of her, as well as her husband, as she cares for mother and the baby.”

In a testimony video, McNeil also shared a story about the impact of one of her students had on a patient.

“One of our students developed a good relationship with her client and took care of her through pregnancy and delivery. As a result of that, they were able to start a Bible study in the lady’s house. When the student left there was a small church the lady and her family had started by gathering their neighbors and sharing the gospel with the people around them,” McNeil said.

You can watch the full video here: Discover BGU Faculty – Midwifery Program Chair

Is the program affordable?

Yes! Our goal at BGU is to see you equipped to bring the hope of Jesus to whatever field you are called to serve in, without the burden of significant debt upon graduation. We offer private scholarships and a work-study program, allowing students to attend school for a fraction of the cost compared to other private Christian universities.

For a full breakdown of tuition and costs, please contact our Admissions Team at admissions@bethanygu.edu.

Who do I contact at BGU to learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about midwifery and how you can use your faith to make an impact, we would love to hear from you! For general questions about our programs, campus life, and more, contact admissions@bethanygu.edu.

More ways to get connected:

  • Apply now on our website and begin the admission process. Speak to our Admissions Team and find out if BGU is right for you. 
  • Sign up to attend a Campus Preview Weekend. Participate in interactive events, sessions, and a campus tour. Attend part of a class, eat at the cafeteria, and stay on campus. This event is open to prospective students and parents and is completely free.