How BGU’s Coffee Shop is Reaching the Local Community

When the midday slump hits, Bethany Global University (BGU) students know the perfect place to go for a cup of coffee. BGU owns and operates Mugshots Coffee Company located a few minutes from our campus in Bloomington, Minnesota. From tea lattes to pour-overs, Mugshots is the perfect place for students to grab a beverage or bite to eat while studying or hanging out with friends. However, this coffee shop offers more than just quick refreshments.  

All the baristas working at Mugshots are current BGU students. As part of BGU’s work study scholarship program, all residential students hold various jobs working for the university. Mugshots is just one of the departments students can work in, allowing a unique opportunity to build relationships with regular customers. 

“Working at BGU’s coffee shop, Mugshots, helped me develop a strong work ethic and connect with our surrounding community, while working along my classmates,” BGU class of 2022 graduate Jay Hasz, said. 

With a heart for the community, Mugshots manager and BGU alumni, Brandon Cavilee, said the entire team is committed to creating a space where faith conversations can happen, one cup of coffee at a time. 

“Mugshots was created to be a safe place where college students could come and have conversations about faith and life,” Cavilee said.  

Cavilee said what makes Mugshots truly special, is how it offers an avenue to share the love of Jesus and meet people’s needs in a tangible way. After all, who doesn’t love coffee? BGU desires to see all people come to the knowledge of Christ, including those in our neighborhood! 

To learn more about BGU and Mugshots Coffee Company, click HERE