Your New Favorite Spot

Owned and operated by Bethany Global University, Mugshots Coffee Company is a specialty coffee shop enjoyed by students and the entire surrounding community.

Explore BGU’s Coffee Shop

Located less than 10 minutes from campus, Mugshots Coffee is a perfect place to grab a bite to eat, sip a handcrafted latte, study, and hang out with friends. The entire staff of baristas are BGU students, so you’ll always see a friendly and familiar face!

Student Opportunity

A Mugshots barista is one of the roles available for students through BGU’s Practical Training Scholarship program. Learn more about how this scholarship is part of campus culture, while offsetting tuition costs for residential students. 

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On the Menu

BGU’s coffee shop staff crafts incredible drinks, serves delicious food, and roasts their own coffee beans. Visit the Mugshots website to see the menu.

Visit Mugshot's Website