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TEDxBethanyGlobalUniversity 2019


Written by Dan Sanchez

A month ago we hosted our first ever TEDx event on campus around the theme of inviting divergence. To diverge is to move or to extend in different directions form a common point of view. As a non-traditional university, we invited multiple staff, faculty, and guests to share their divergent ideas with the world through TED-style talks.

Below are all the TEDx talks that cover education, mentorship, non-profits, game design, language learning, and more.

Redesign Study Abroad to Maximize Immersion Learning

From BGU faculty member Melanie Hurlbut

The Benefits of a Work College

From BGU staff member Kenneth Freire

How to Raise Up the Next Generation of Leaders

From BGU President David Hasz

How to Instantly Connect With Anyone You Want to Know

From guest speaker James Carbary

The Power of Learning Another Language

From BGU staff member Dirk Reichardt

Inclusion in Game Design

From BGU staff member Matthew Wyatt

Education Reimagined Through Constructivism

From BGU faculty member and the founder of Hand In Hand Christian Montessori Michelle Thompson

What Nonprofits Can Learn From Tech Startups

From BGU staff member Dan Sanchez

How to Empower Emerging Leaders

From guest speaker Sam Tarell

How to Be a Great Mentor

From BGU staff member Kenneth Ortiz

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