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Where BGU’s Double Major Can Take You


Written by Mayra Palomino

Bethany Global University only offers one BA degree plan. It is a double major designed to give you everything you need to become an effective missionary anywhere in the world. But, you might wonder if there is anything else this double major in Intercultural Ministry Studies and Bible & Theology is good for.

Maybe you’re not sure yet if missions is for you or perhaps you’re thinking what you might do after missions. You might even be attracted to the degree plan for the sake of the tuition-paid program and are asking yourself if this double major will help you fulfill your goals…

Regardless of where you stand, you should know that this double major can open up a variety of career paths inside and outside of ministry, but first, lets take a look at why this is the best degree combination for missionaries.

Why do these two majors work well together?

The goal of the double major is to prepare students to effectively take the church to where it is not. To be an effective missionary, you have to retain a good understanding of the biblical worldview and biblical spirituality. Adding to this, it is important to understand how cultures differ, and this is where the Intercultural Ministry Studies degree comes in. When Biblical Theology and Intercultural Ministry Studies are paired together, you are able to better understand the revelation given through God’s Word and contextualize it to help other cultures understand the message of the gospel in a way that makes sense in their cultural background.

What is taught in each major?

Bible & Theology: BGU focuses on introducing the key foundational teachings of the Biblical worldview. It seeks to help students understand the flow of scripture and how all scripture connects. The major helps you learn how to continue your biblical studies throughout life and how to be equipped with scripture to teach and help others.

Intercultural Ministry Studies: Through this major you will understand what culture is and how cultures differ. It teaches you how to identify different beliefs, worldviews, and values. Intercultural Ministry Studies also helps you learn how to apply the Word of God correctly in different cultures and reminds us of how God uses diversity to bring glory to Himself as we seek to understand others and put them above ourselves through selfless Christ-like love.

Take a look at the individual courses to learn more.

How can each degree be used outside of missions?

Intercultural Ministry Studies: We are living in a nation that is growing more and more multicultural each day; any career path chosen will benefit from an Intercultural Ministry Studies major because there is always intercultural interactions around us. It is a strong foundation for any career, providing us a better understanding of the people around us, and a valuable asset for any work place.

Biblical Theology: Biblical Theology is a degree that can be beneficial to any student from a christian background. The world is full of misconceptions about Christianity, and studying biblical theology helps us understand the foundations of God and His teachings to us; it helps us understand how to apply His Word into everything we do, teaching us how to live as people of God. It helps us comprehend what we believe, equipping us to speak truth into misunderstandings that individuals may hold about the Christian faith.

Some Fields Our Alumni Have Entered

  • Management and Business: There is a strong leadership and character building element in the BGU programs that equips students to excel in leadership roles.
  • Churches
  • Parachurch Ministries
  • Nonprofits/Charities
  • Refugee Aid
  • Poverty relief
  • Inner City Ministry
  • Pastors
  • Nursing (Through additional education)

Join us on our Linkedin University page to see where alumni live and work (keep in mind that many of our alumni working as missionaries can not list their current work for security reasons).

Career Paths Available

Through both majors you can access a variety of fields to work in beyond missions work. Below is a sampling of job titles that would fit our graduates:

  • Social Sciences Research Assistant: Assists in laboratory, survey and other social science research.
  • Cultural Anthropologist: Focus on one specific cultural component (religion, art, legal structure, etc.) and perform research to formulate hypotheses and develop reports.
  • Cultural Studies Teacher: Teach courses regarding the culture and development of an area, ethnic group or other group.
  • Community Counselor: Assists groups, families, couples and individuals. Teach how to avoid problems and organize prevention programs.
  • International Education Coordinator: Working with international/exchange students by facilitating and providing support during their stay.
  • Intercultural Trainer: Training individuals to be efficient and flexible in other cultures by helping them learn problem solving, cultural values, intercultural communication and how to switch between cultural perspectives.
  • Language Instructor: Responsible for teaching students how to speak, write and understand languages other than their natural-born language.
  • Chaplain: Cares for the spiritual well-being of members of an institution. This includes private churches, organizations and the army.
  • Minister/Ministry Leadership: An effective chairperson who brings initiative, coordination, and collaboration to the group that does planning, goal-setting, implementation, and evaluation of ministry for the congregation.
  • Biblical Theology-Based Instructor: Develops and delivers educational material related to the field of biblical theology.
  • Writer/Journalist: Develops written content for blogs, newspapers, websites, etc.
  • Church Staff Member: Managerial and administrative positions in churches and other organizations such as treasurer, secretary, etc.
  • Social Worker: Helps individuals and communities in need through faith based or other organizations.
  • Volunteer Recruiter: Works with hospitals and other profit/non-profit organizations to motivate and encourage workers and prospective workers.
  • Fund-Raising Specialist: Assists social services and non-profit organizations in requesting financial assistance through public speaking and other means.
  • Bible Translator: Helps bring scripture to third world countries by translating the bible to required languages.
  • Hospitality Ministry Worker: Displays care and compassion to an organization or ministry through service and fellowship.
  • House Parent: Residential childcare worker, providing food, shelter, transportation and more as a supporting and loving parental figure.
  • Inner City Ministry Worker: A variety of job opportunities in urban settings regarding outreach to youth, homeless and others.
  • International Businessman/woman: Responsible for a company’s foreign business such as international sales, cultural marketing, etc.
  • Refuge Resettlement Specialist: Provides services to refugees during, pre-arrival, arrival, and post-arrival stages.
  • Humanitarian aid: Manage and develop emergency response programs within designated areas that are at risk of war, environmental, or developmental problems.
  • Foreign Service Officer: Promotes peace, protects citizens abroad, and acts as an ambassador overseas.
  • Diplomat: an official who represents a country abroad as an ambassador.
  • Policy Analyst: Change, adjust and implement new policies, regulations, and laws.
  • International Development Worker: Focuses on meeting the needs of people and communities in the developing world.
  •  Cross-Cultural Community Organization Director: Plan, direct, or coordinate the activities of a social service program or community outreach organization.
  • Evangelism and Church Planting Leader: Casts a vision, sets goals and is willing to lead a community of believers to take the gospel to a new site.
  • Evangelism and Church Planting Team Member: Embraces set vision and goals. Willing to provide new ideas and help members in a new community understand the message of the gospel.
  • Governmental Positions: Work with embassies, consulates, government contractors, defense contractors and more..
  • Travel Industry Worker: Provides consultation in the travel industry in respect to travel arrangements, culture, language, and more.
  • University/Study Abroad Program Coordinator: Takes part in coordinating and developing educational programs for students in foreign countries.
  • Foreign Policy Researcher: Assists with governmental strategies regarding affairs with other nations.
  • Study Abroad Teacher: Provides education in overseas locations.

Missions Agencies Our Alumni Have Worked For

This is just a small sampling of missions agencies our alumni have worked worked.


Are you an alumnus working in any of these fields or elsewhere? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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