Where BGU’s Double Major Can Take You

All Bethany Global University (BGU) undergraduate degree offerings include a double major in Bible & Theology, allowing you to establish a firm foundation in the Word of God while you pursue your field of study. Whether you major in Midwifery, Education in Missions, Transformational Entrepreneurship, or Intercultural Ministry Studies, you will receive comprehensive Biblical training with an intercultural focus.  

Do you feel called to intercultural ministry or mission work? Is the idea of a career overseas new to you?  

Whether your passion and heart for intercultural ministry is seasoned or new, BGU is where you can explore your options. Our unique programs will develop your faith and place you in a career of impact. 

Through years of experience, BGU has gained insight into effective service in cross-cultural settings. There are opportunities across the globe to serve, in and outside of formal ministry positions.  

Why Does Bible & Theology Pair Well With Our Degrees?

The goal of the double major is to strengthen students in their faith and prepare them to effectively share the love of Christ in their future career.  

BGU degrees focus on teaching you how to incorporate Christian principles into daily life and work. Upon graduation, you’ll have multiple skillsets that allow you to share the message of Christ through business, education, medical missions, intercultural communications, and beyond. 

To be effective in intercultural ministry, you must retain a foundational understanding of Biblical principles and spirituality. At the same time, you’ll also need to build an understanding of other cultures, worldviews, and experiences.  

A firm foundation in God’s Word and a deepened knowledge of other cultures prepares you to serve wherever God calls you and share the message of Christ with those you interact with.  

What is taught in each major?

Bible & Theology

Students learn how each chapter and book of the Bible connect and fit into the larger narrative of scripture. They practice methods of Biblical study through coursework in hermeneutics and theology.  

With a foundational Biblical understanding, students can use what they learn to teach and help others. 

Intercultural Ministry Studies

Students gain cross-cultural understanding through coursework in anthropology, ethnography, world religions, and linguistics. They learn how to live as mission-minded Christians in intercultural settings.  

This degree highlights the beauty of diversity that God created and how He uses it to bring glory to Himself as we seek to understand others. 


Students learn the ins and outs of caring for women and babies during and after pregnancy. They develop the practical skills to deliver babies, take vitals, conduct exams, and monitor fetal health.  

Coursework combines anatomy and physiology with a Biblical worldview that prepares graduates to care for the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of a mother and her child. 

Education in Missions

Students learn how to bring access to education on a global scale. They study the Montessori method which incorporates a hands-on approach to teaching students.  

This method, combined with cross-cultural communication skills, allows future educators to bring quality education to places that need it most. Coursework includes child development and neuroscience, educating diverse learners, and international school management.  

Transformational Entrepreneurship

Students learn how to use business as a platform for ministry to bring holistic transformation to a community.  

Students are taught how to start their own for-profit, international business, or to join a pre-existing business. Coursework includes finance and accounting, business growth strategy, and economics. 

How Can Each Degree Be Used Outside of Ministry and Missions? 

We are living in a nation that is growing more multicultural each day. Any future career will benefit from an interculturally-focused degree. With a better understanding of the people around us, we are an asset to our workplace and community. 

Graduates can utilize all components of their degree to maximize their opportunities for the future.  

For example, BGU graduates can use their cross-cultural knowledge to work in careers involving immigrants or refugees. Their Biblical training equips them to work in local Christian organizations as teachers, pastors, or apologists.  

Additionally, students who graduate with an Education in Missions or Midwifery degree can go on to pursue certifications that quality them to work in the U.S. and abroad. Transformational Entrepreneurship majors have the skills to enter the business world on a global scale. 

Career Opportunities

There are a variety of fields BGU graduates can pursue. Here are just some of the options: 

  • Montessori Teacher: Instruct children of all ages using the Montessori method in local or international schools. 
  • Midwife: Care for women and babies in clinics in the United States and abroad. 
  • Businessperson: Work in partnership with longstanding businesses or start your own. 
  • Church Staff: Serve in management, or administration of a church, or as a chaplain, pastor, youth leader, teacher, or worship leader.  
  • Fund-Raising Specialist: Assist social services and non-profit organizations in requesting financial assistance through public speaking and other means. 
  • Foreign Language Tutor: Teach students to speak, write and understand languages other than their natural-born language. 
  • Intercultural Relations: Work alongside refugees, immigrants, the homeless, or within urban settings in need of community development and support. 
  • Humanitarian Aid: Manage and develop emergency response programs within designated areas that are at risk of war, environmental, or developmental problems. 
  • International Education Coordinator: Work with international/exchange students by facilitating and providing support during their stay. 
  • Travel Industry Worker: Provide consultation in the travel industry about travel arrangements, culture, language, and more. 

Alumni Careers & Success

The 3,000+ BGU alumni serve alongside churches, ministries, nonprofit organizations, schools, businesses, and more. Many of them have started their own businesses and nonprofits in the U.S. and overseas. 

Startup Sucess 

  • Formal language schools 
  • Farms and fisheries 
  • Coffee shops 
  • Anti-human trafficking organizations 
  • Church planting movements and discipleship 


  • Inner city ministry 
  • Professional counseling (through additional education) 
  • Poverty relief 
  • Refugee aid 
  • University staff 

Where Our Alumni Have Worked

This is a small sampling of the places, agencies, and organizations where our alumni have worked.