Practical Training Positions at BGU

Hello! If you are reading this blog then you are probably considering BGU as your college of choice!

This blog is all about the PT (Practical Training) positions that BGU offers as possibilities for your time here. I will be showing you what departments we have here on campus along with the possible positions in each department! These are not all of the positions on campus, but they are the main ones that you could be sorted into. I remember when I was looking into BGU and I just wanted to learn everything I could about the school before coming, including PT. At the time, there was not much information available about it at all, so here we are!

Now, let me preface with, these positions are ever moving. Meaning that not every position you see here will necessarily be available when you first get here as a student or maybe even during your time here at all. And it is to be said that just because you want a particular PT position, it does not mean you will be getting it. Now, let’s get started!


The Heart Behind PT

The heart behind PT is to help you either strengthen or grow in multiple areas of life, while helping the school out and paying for your tuition! It allows you to learn to be flexible and patient in different situations and really allows for God to humble your hearts. You will take the skills you learn in any role you are assigned onto the mission field and into your life to come.

PT is exactly what it stands for, Practical Training. These positions train you practically to work in all kinds of settings and teaches you to adapt to your surrounding situations, much like you will have to do on the field.


PT Departments and Positions


Beyond Limits

This position is not available as a freshman but as a sophomore you have a chance to work with our beyond limits students as an RA! You would be living in an apartment on campus with our beyond limits students and helping them with things such as their schedules and activities around campus and off campus! It is truly an amazing opportunity to pour into our amazing students from Beyond Limits! Learn more about the program here.



In Childcare you have the wonderful privilege of working children of staff members! You will take training courses provided by your PT supervisor and get CPR certified while in this position. You will be playing with the kiddos, helping put together snack times and craft times, feeding the babies, and helping with nap times. God can work amazing wonders through this position both for the kids and for you as you interact with these kids and learn valuable lessons.

Childcare is truly an amazing PT position with tons of benefits to your spiritual well being along with working on your patience and willingness to be humble.


BGU Enrollment:

In this department, you could be working under admissions, financial aid, recruitment, data entry, or acceptance. These are all positions that help the BGU enrollment team in talking with potential students and students that have been accepted into the program.You would be calling students to inform them of acceptance or helping them with their applications, send reminders for students to fill out their FAFSA submissions

This will allow you to grow in learning organizational skills, learn to leverage your strengths within this role, learn to better communicate within the workplace and to collaborate with team members. Along with understanding call center systems and more.


Student Manager

Being a student manager requires you to keep track of your teams metrics, have continuous personal and team development, to coach your team, make outbound calls to applicants and much more!

You will learn how to collaborate with team members, learn the importance of professional communication and appearance, become better at problem solving, researching, and brainstorming, etc.

I believe this position is for Sophomores, Deferred Student, and possibly Graduates. The purpose of this position is to bring oversight, coach, and train freshman and sophomore callers who are recruiting prospective students to BGU, BGS, or LEAD through professional communication. You will also grow in your ability to track data, communicate trends, and help problem-solve with a team.



In the kitchen, you could be working in multiple areas! Whether that be helping prep the list for meals, serving on the serving line, prepping food and cooking it, or doing dishes! You will learn to read through procedures and ingredient lists for recipes, manage time effectively, learn to have a clean work space before and after food preparation, and more. Being on the K-Crew is a wonderful experience that will also teach you the value of teamwork while also being humbling.

Come learn culinary skills in a commercial kitchen, have better communication skills in the workplace, and learn to manage and collaborate with leaders.



Join our Media department! You will be helping with taking photos, conducting interviews, and documenting events here on campus! You will be working under some very amazing supervisors and learning loads about media and the tech behind the magic! If you are interested in photography or media of any kind, maybe the media department is for you?



Marketing is a wonderful PT with so many opportunities to learn new skills! Not only will you be helping to send out email blasts, proofreading and editing, and designing engaging emails, but you will also have the opportunity to write blogs, track and analyze campaigns, and much more!

The marketing department will even work with you on learning new skills that you are interested in! For example, I just learned to Code for websites at my own request, which I have been able to use to help with problems within our blogs!

This department will strengthen you writing and story-telling skills, will help you to gain competency in analyzing campaigns and tracking performance, and will help you to effectively write copy and develop content writing skills!



Mugshots is our local, Bethany owned, student staffed coffee shop!

Here you will be expected to respectfully serve customers, make drinks correctly, continually learn about coffee culture, and more! Mugshots provides lots of opportunity to get to know the local community, build relationships with customers and other students, and the opportunity to learn how a coffee shop is run and operated.

You will learn to have effective communication skills, become a better at problem solving and brainstorming, learn how to run a coffee shop or business, and much more!


Welcome Center

Here, you will be respectively serving guests, students, and residents, sorting and distributing mail, selling goods, and maybe even making coffee!

You will be expected to make sure the admin areas and the coffee shop area stay’s clean and organized, help with communication throughout the school, properly handle and distribute mail and more.

You will learn to develop organizational and project managing skills, learn the importance of prioritizing projects, and learn about customer service. Overall, this position would be amazing for anyone!



Here in Services you could be put in multiple categories such as: Cleaning, Grounds, Painting, and Maintenance.

Some responsibilities you will have in these different positions are: Scrape, sand, prime, or seal surfaces prior to painting, perform minor and major repairs to all buildings and equipment under supervision, repair windows, doors, closets, install blinds, and make certain plumbing repairs, and maintain and ensure that Facilities Maintenance Express is up to date.



The SRC is our on campus library that offers services such as the Writing Center! You could help check books in and out, help student find the books they are after, organize books, or even help students with writing their essays! The Writing Center helps students who may need help formatting their papers or who need help navigating the library links on Populi!


And that is the majority of the PT positions available here on campus for our students! I hope this gives you a little more insight into life on campus here at BGU! Continue to explore all that we have to offer here at BGU for your college experience and we hope to see you soon!

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” – Colossians 3:23-24