Love San Francisco: Getting Involved in Missions at Home

At Bethany Global University, we are passionate about sharing the love and hope of Christ with the lost.

What’s there not to be excited about? It is the opportunity to see the Lord at work, and see the different ways that He impacts the lives of people around us, to speak God’s life and hope into others as He once did for us, and to be part of the beautiful process of reconciling others to their loving Father.

Though Bethany Global University (BGU) focuses on taking the church to where it is not and reaching the unreached, our school also enables students to take part in local outreach before going out into the missions field.

One of these outreaches is through Trinity Works, a ministry filled with passionate evangelists who seek to reach out to the lost in our nation and help them encounter and understand the good news of the gospel, and the Father’s unconditional love for them, shepherding them to have a life-changing relationship with Him.

Trinity Works reminds followers of Jesus of the urgency of the hour through Messenger Boot Camp, an eight-week long evangelism-training program that empowers believers to share their faith through developing a deeper intimacy with the Lord.

Once the eight weeks are up, participants are encouraged to participate in one of the “Love” outreaches—powerful events occurring throughout the year in varying cities across the USA involving 24/7 evangelism, worship, and intercession.

This past month, four of our freshman students answered God’s call by participating in one of these weeklong outreaches, and their stories are powerful and inspiring.

1. Kathryn, BGU Freshman: Love San Francisco was eye opening. It helped me realize the needs we have in our own country…how broken parts of America can be…homelessness, addictions, poverty. One powerful encounter I had during Love San Francisco was in the Castro district, the home of a large LGBT community.

We were able to speak truth into the questions of a man we met that night, and help him understand more of God’s character. Love San Francisco and Messenger Boot Camp helped me realize the importance of opening our eyes wherever we are, and how there are opportunities for fruitful conversation anywhere when we take the time to be intentional and minister to others. It taught me to not underestimate God and what He can do…to become more aware of His power and be encouraged by it.

2. Kyrstin, BGU Freshman: Messenger Boot Camp helped me grow in evangelizing and boldness. It taught me to not stand back. You don’t have to be overseas to begin to outreach, it is as simple as going to a store and asking people to pray for them.
Ministering to people while at home can be a powerful part of our missionary training.

One powerful experience in Love San Francisco was our encounter with Francesca. She had been drinking that night, and my ministry partner, Johan, attempted to share the gospel with her. Francesca was offended, I offered her a hug and introduced myself.

I redirected the conversation to her and asked her about what she was going through, finding out that she had been an addict for 6 years and had now picked up drinking. Francesca professed that she was a Christian, but wasn’t walking as one. We blessed her with prayer that night and words of knowledge that brought her to tears. “How did you know?” she asked us.

We were able to help her see God’s power and His heart for her. We were able to break chains in His name. Francesca sobered up after we prayed for her and recommitted her life to the Lord. We were able to meet up with her later in the week, and that day she blessed me with a word of poetry she wrote.

3. Austin, BGU Freshman: There was a lot of diversity in San Francisco…from the mountains that reminded me of South America, to the European architecture, to the varying beliefs of the people. It was a difficult environment, which taught me to deepen my trust in the Lord in this kind of environment.

One of the Love San Francisco outreaches was the launch outreach, where teams went out to all 28 districts of the city and began to worship in all the locations. During this outreach, we got to see a guitarist we met re-dedicate his life to Christ and begin to worship with us.

Something that really impacted me during these outreaches was during the last one- I was in one of the pacific districts. I met a guy who didn’t know what prayer was and didn’t know the gospel. It really struck me. Nations are coming here. We have a great chance to make disciples here in America.

4. Hannah, BGU Freshman: Love San Francisco really grew my heart for missions in America; there was such a diversity of cultures. While in San Francisco, I met a woman named Elle in the Missions District, the second poorest sector in the city.

We had the opportunity to be used by God to speak identity into her heart…to let her know that she was called to care for and motivate others. Our words were confirmation to her, she shared with us that three days before, someone had spoken over her almost the same thing.

Through this outreach, God helped me grow in listening to Him and seeking Him in every day moments. It helped me step out of my comfort zone and to experience God’s heart for the lost.

God is at work in the nations, including America. Interested in interceding for our nation and the world? Try out our 30-day prayer challenge 🙂 Click here.