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BGU’s Missions Blog

Behind every missionary is a story, a calling, and never ending series of questions they asked to make it to the field. The goal of this blog is to give examples of the missionaries and BGU students who have gone ahead of you and provide answers to the questions you have along the way to your own journey.

College Life

Practical Training Positions at BGU

Hello! If you are reading this blog then you are probably considering BGU as your college of choice! This blog is all about the PT (Practical Training) positions that BGU offers as possibilities for your time here. I will be showing you what departments we have here on campus along with the possible positions in […]

Top Six Ways to Worship

Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, the Great I Am. Our heavenly Father is worthy of more worship than we ever hope to give him, which is one of many reasons why we as Christians strive to live our lives in surrender to Him, as holy and pleasing sacrifices. The more time we spend […]

Best 11 Tips for Studying as a College Student

Studying for college homework and exams can be hard. Especially if you are an avid procrastinator! Have you ever had this problem? You are sitting at your laptop trying to study but you get distracted by your phone, surroundings, or other students? Or maybe all of your friends are doing awesome things such as cliff […]

Missionary Guidance

God’s Call to Local and Global Missions

If you’re anything like me, questions begin to fill your head when thinking about Local and Global missions. “Is one better than the other?” ” Which one has a greater need?” “How and where do my passions and strengths come into play?”   These are all fantastic questions to ask. The short answer is, that […]

The Ultimate Goal of Every Missionary & Missions Work

Missionaries are commissioned to travel across the world to a different nation to proclaim the gospel. Mission trips vary from constructing a shelter to providing nourishment and medical care to others. Our readers have been asking what initiated the thought of missions in the first place. What is the ultimate goal for both missionaries and […]

6 Best Missionary Care Conferences to Attend

Missionary Care conferences are helpful tools within the Body of Christ and the Great Commission. Spreading the global mission of the church takes a team. The unreached need missionaries and missionaries need support, prayers, and care from local churches and individuals. Therefore, it is healthy for church members and believers to learn how to better […]

Missionary Training

The Ultimate Guide To Missionary Colleges: Schools, Scholarships, & More

Going through the process of finding a college is hard enough, but trying to find one as a Christian that teaches you how to grow in your faith, love others, and share the gospel can be difficult. That’s why I compiled this guide to help you find out what missionary college, school, scholarship, and program […]

Missionary College Admission: Requirements & Complete Guide

The college application process can seem intimidating, for anyone. Especially if it is your first time looking into universities, and maybe you don’t have parents or siblings who have already been through the process before. I wrote this post to help you know what to expect with missionary college admissions. How does missionary college admission […]

11 Essential Topics for Missions Training

As the popularity of missions continues to increase, so does the need to understand it. Its crucial to know important topics before entering the field. Which topics are necessary to teach and how do we teach them to future missionaries? What topics should you cover in missions training? The key topics missionaries need to be […]

Missionary Skills

Business as Mission Funding: 8 Types of Funding Explained

We’ve heard of missionaries taking the Gospel to all ends of the earth and about how to share the love of Jesus to others, but how often do we talk about bringing the church to where it’s not through Business as Mission? What is Business as Mission (or BAM) and how is it funded? Business […]

51 Quick Fundraising Ideas for Missions

In this blog, I will be listing and explaining 51 of the best ways to fundraise for your missions, both short and long-term trips. Here is a look at the different topics I will be covering. Within each topic, there are extensive practical examples and fundraising tactics. How to Fundraise for MissionsUse and Create a […]

Missionary Teachers: Working With the Least of These

In a mountain village, Sashi sweeps the cold dirt from the marble floor. While other children her age go to school, Sashi helps her mother with household chores and taking food to the temple. She has no need or knowledge of how to read or write, and she’s only ever learned how to count from […]

Missionary Stories

You Know You’re A Missionary Kid When… Fun Stories and Memes

If you’re a missionary’s kid (or MK) there’s no doubt you will know it. Missionary kids are children of missionaries who grew up mostly on the field outside of the United States, joining in on their parents’ ministry. It’s a pretty unique life to have, a life full of adventure and difficulties. I am not […]

Brother Andrew: God’s Smuggler for Missions

Brother Andrew is one of the most inspiring missionaries in history, and his ministry has impacted large portions of the world with the Gospel. Throughout this post, we will look at the inspiring life decisions that Brother Andrew made for the Great Commission, including gutsy decisions that threatened his life. We will learn truly why […]

Missions Agencies

Where to Apply For a Missionary Job (21 Options)

As a college student attending a missionary school, I became interested in how different missionary sending organizations work. I wanted to learn about places that send out missionaries and how someone looking to be a missionary could partner with them. Where can I apply to become a missionary? You can apply to be a missionary […]

Bethany Gateways: The Missions Agency for BGU Students

One of the unique things that Bethany Global University (BGU) offers is the opportunity of doing Global Internship. You get to live overseas for 16 months and work alongside missionaries while earning your degree. But, how does Global Internship combine school work with missions work and how do students get overseas? This is where Bethany […]

Bethany Gateways: The Missions Agency for BGU Students

One of the things that Bethany Global University offers that is unique is the opportunity of doing a Global Internship, to live overseas for 16 months working alongside missionaries while earning your degree. But how does Global Internship prepare a student to be a missionary and how do they get there? This is where Bethany […]

Funding Missions

10 Steps for Raising Support in Missions

Raising support can sometimes seem daunting and scary. But it doesn’t have to be. How do you raise support for missions? Missionaries raise support by first building relationships with people who want to invest in their lives for the furthering of God’s Kingdom. You can raise support by following some simple steps which can lead […]

Where Missionaries Can Find Grants for Missions Work

Potential missionaries have been looking for different resources to substantially afford their training school. College is expensive, but if you contribute to finding grants, there is a higher chance of not having to pay for your tuition in full. Are there grants available for missionary work? Yes, depending on your religious affiliation, there are potentially […]

A Missionary’s Guide to Partnership Development

Partnership Development isn’t built upon monetary transaction but upon relationships. Relationships take time and effort to maintain and often include a long process of deepening trust to develop a true genuine friendship. The process of Partnership Development and raising financial support is not about you. It’s about the vision of seeing every people, tribe, tongue, […]


What Aspiring Missionaries Should Know About Relationships

So, you’ve decided you are going to be a missionary, or at least you are considering it. We’re excited for you. While considering missions, you may have a lot of unanswered questions about missions and relationships. Should I be married before I go? If I want to get married someday but I’m single now, should […]

Dating Do’s and Don’t for Aspiring Missionaries

It’s come to the point where dating has seemed to be more like a game. A difficult game. The end result? A happily ever after or a heartbreak, or sometimes you seem to break even and are able to remain friends with the person that you once held your heart. The players? Yourself and whoever […]

Marriage & Missions: The Pros and Cons of Going Overseas as a Single or Married Couple

If God loves the partnership of marriage and missions so much, why would He call me to be a missionary when I have the desire to be married and I’m still single? It’s a frustrating question, isn’t it? If you’ve dreamed of getting married since you were two, singleness can seem like a huge hindering […]