The Best Mission Trips For Adults: Updated Complete List

Missions trips are highly popular for teens to go on in partnership with their youth group, but what about trips for adults? Missions trips are beneficial for Christ-followers of any age, so I wanted to discover the specific options for adults.

Where can adults go on mission trips? Adults can travel alongside many different mission organizations. A few organizations include:

  • Experience Missions
  • Love Africa Missions
  • Hands of Love
  • Mission of Hope
  • Operation Mobilization
  • World Gospel Outreach

Whether you are looking for the best opportunity for a missions trip for you, a friend, or just curious. I compiled this list to help you find the missions trip you’re looking for.

Top 15 Missions Trips For Adults

There are several different opportunities for mission trips throughout our beautiful planet for adults who want to fulfill the great commission. The list I compiled below is organized by country and includes a few opportunities in each location.

1) Missions Trips To Jamaica

The island of Jamaica is a beautiful vibrant location for vacations where tourists can explore the lush jungle, splash around in the clear ocean water, and engage in several different activities.

Most of the community in Jamaica does not have access to the basic things that we take advantage of in the U.S. By taking a mission trip to Jamaica you will be able to grow in your evangelism skills and have a personal impact on those with you spend time in fellowship with.

Trip Options:

Below is a list of missions organizations that currently have mission trip opportunities scheduled for this year.

Praying Pelican Missions:

Cost: $645, $695, or $895

Duration: 7 days and 6 nights

Praying pelican mission trips to Jamaica pair those who attend into groups, and have a range of prices. Each price point includes all of the same benefits, except for sleeping accommodations.

The price for this trip includes all the basic amenities, as well as the opportunity to go snorkeling and cliff jumping during the trip.

To look into this trip and the organization click here.

Experience Missions:

Cost: $725

Duration: 7 days

Experience missions give adults who travel with them the opportunity to serve with the local church in Jamaica, as well as fill the needs of the community by providing them with needed items.

Experience missions trips offer the following included in the cost of the trip: transportation, lodging, and meals. The cost also helps support the trip leaders.

To get information about traveling with experience missions click here.

2) Missions Trips To Thailand

Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia, just above the equator. It is known for its tropical weather, beaches, and ancient ruins.

Human trafficking is a large issue that needs to be resolved, and though you may not be able to prevent it you can help those who have experienced it.

Trip Options:

Below is a list of missions organizations that currently have mission trip opportunities scheduled for this year.

Short Term Missions:

Cost: $750-1,495

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Short Term Missions offer adults the opportunity to experience different aspects of Thai culture in Lampang, Thailand. Short Term Missions offer several different options for the ministry they partner with on their trips.

The current options available offer the participants to focus on evangelism, partner with local schools, work with those who have experienced human trafficking, and construction work.

Short Term missions also partners with several other missions organizations, so you can choose depending on what the specific organization offers.

All of these mission trips range anywhere from $750-$1,495. They include food, housing, scheduled serving opportunities, and the experience of exploring Thailand.

To check out all of their trip options click here.


Cost: 3,100 (includes airfare)

Duration: 10 days

Crossroads allows its teams to teach English to the locals of Thailand by engaging in daily activities with them and building relationships. In the middle of a lush habitat, you can preach the gospel to those who surround you.

Crossroads does this through crafts, playing games, telling stories, and music. Just doing these simple things you are able to plant a seed for the holy spirit to grow.

To sign up click here.

3) Mission Trips To Guatemala

Located just south of Mexico is Guatemala where you can discover rain forests, volcanoes, and Mayan ruins. Waiting within this country are fellow brothers and sisters of Christ. Many experience poverty and circumstances that can lead to death.

Trip Opportunities

One organization you can partner with to Guatemala is Mission of Hope.

Mission Of Hope

Going here on a missions trip will not allow us to solve all of their current problems for them. However you will still be able to make an impact.

Cost: $820, $900

Duration: 7 days

Missions Hope offers its participants two options for their missions trip. You can choose from either a medical focused missions trip or a missions trip dedicated to outreach in the local communities.

Both options include a beach trip to enjoy all of the beauty in Guatemala. All amenities are included within the price for this mission trip, except for a plane ticket, and it is mandatory that you bring some food and supplies for the community.

To get more information on this trip click here.

Mission Guatemala

Cost: $675

Duration: 8 nights

Missions Guatemala specializes in mission trips in San Andrés Semetabaj, Guatemala. They offer teams to build churches and different buildings in this area for an extra cost, partner with local churches, medical clinics, and helping malnourished children.

Click here to find out more about this trip opportunity

4) Mission Trips To Uganda

In East-Central Africa you can find the pearl of Africa, Uganda. English is a language used by most of the population here and gives travelers the opportunity to build relationships/communicate. Though the rate of Christianity is high there is still a need for missions in this country.

Trip Opportunities

Many of Uganda’s ministry opportunities focus on friendship evangelism with women and children.

Hands Of Love

Cost: Email for info

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Do you time to help orphans in Uganda, women, or partner with the medical ministry there? Then Hands of Love is the organization for you.

They offer adults the opportunity to travel to Uganda and lend a helping hand with all of their different ministries.

You can go with a team or by yourself and help make a difference in their towns or villages. You will be provided with food, a place to stay, and the ability to make a difference by spreading God’s love.

To get information about the costs and dates contact Hands Of Love by clicking here.


Cost: $3,000

Duration: 10 days

Buyamba focuses specifically on loving on the children and Uganda and raising them up as disciples of Christ. You will work with them at their local Christian school called God cares and teach the children about the Bible.

Travel to Uganda takes lots of preparation, but Buyamba will help you get everything set up and prepared before coming.

Once there you can stay with a local family close to the school and be provided with all of your basic needs. This price includes the estimated price for airfare, but can also change depending on the dates you go.

To see more information about the school click here.

5) Mission Trips To Kenya

Full of beautiful scenery and a variety of wildlife Kenya is a unique travel opportunity. Although Kenya has beautiful opportunities to visitors explore, high rates of the population live in the slums of this country.

Christianity has highly grown in Kenya since 1895, but there are still many unreached people groups within this country.

Trip Opportunities

Kenya is full of a variety of ministries including working with orphans, the hungry, working construction, medical opportunities, and street evangelism.

Love Africa Missions

Cost: Email for info

Duration: 3 month internship or 8 days

Love is located in Kijabe, Kenya. Individuals will partner with the locaal partnership, their organization for orphans, the daycare, or their fellowship program.

Interns will have the opportunity to create deep relationships with the community and gain hands-on experience related to the mission field.

You will be able to see the benefit of short terms missions trips for the community and have many different opportunities to shine Jesus’ light.

To contact Love Africa Missions click here.

6) Mission Trip To Mexico

Mexico is within close proximity of the U.S. It is full of beautiful traditions, scenery, and unique culture. Traveling to Mexico allows for you to put your Spanish speaking skills from high school to use, while also making a difference for the kingdom.

Trip Opportunities:

Missions opportunities in Mexico include medical missions, working with children, building houses, and traveling around the community to build relationships.

Ninos De Mexico:

Cost: Email for info

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Ninos de Mexico is a child-focused missions organization in Mexico that offers short terms missions trips for youth – adults. They are based in Mexico City and have been around for 50 years.

This organization offers volunteers to partner with local schools in the community, while also teaching the gospel. You will be given a specific project while there and have opportunities to learn about the culture.

to get more info click here.

Praying Pelicans Missions

Cost: $645 or $845

Duration: 7 days

Praying Pelicans offers you to come to Baja California and serve in Mexico. This specific area has encountered lots of growth in their economy in the past couple of years and has a lot of needs within their towns.

You will be able to partner with the locals to offer support to the community.

You can choose from staying with a group for a lower price or in your personal hotel room for a higher price.

You will experience the joy of seeing smiles on the faces of those in the community and be able to explore the gorgeous sandy beaches of Mexico.

7) Mission Trip To Japan

Japan is a beautiful country located in East Asia. Surrounded by mountains this country has beautiful sites, and mission opportunities. Around 1% of the Japanese population believes in God.

Trip Opportunities:

Traveling to Japan on a mission trip allows you to bring the good news of our savior to a country where He’s not commonly accepted.

Score International


Duration: 11 days

Score international is offering an Olympic Outreach in Tokyo to groups and individuals to partner with them in a unique way to partner.

You will help set up booths and man them by talking to individuals who stop by about the gospel.

SCORE’s goal is to lead over 500 outreach events in Japan to help spread the gospel and need reaching this goal.

They host one-day festivals with different booths that help engage the community in unique ways by incorporating art, puppets, games, and other activities. Each of these booths is centered on God’s Word.

To check out this opportunity click here.

Operation Mobilization

Cost: $439

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Travel to Taiwan with Operation Mobilization. You will spend your time in friendship evangelism, teaching English, and help lead VBS/ Bible clubs.

Before engaging in ministry, you will have a training event and get to know your team to build relationships and grow closer together.

Part of the cost goes towards Discipleship training, food, and housing. On top of participating in local ministry opportunities, you will also be able to explore this beautiful city.

To register for this trip click here.

8) Mission Trips To India

India’s ethnically diverse in comparison to other countries and has many beautiful traditions. India’s three widely practiced religions are Hindu, Islam, and Christianity falling in third.

This is a country that God is working in and needs to be freed from the darkness gripping unto it.

Trip Opportunities:

Missions trips to India allow you to discover the culture of this country and build relationships that have the potential to lead others to Christ.

Global Hope India

Cost: $3,000

Duration: 10 days

Travel to Mumbai, India with Global Hope India for a life-changing experience. There you will spend a majority of your time in prayer seeking the movement of the Holy Spirit in the community.

The rest of the time you will be making a hands-on impact on the community through different ministry opportunities.

The cost includes price of your visa, airfare, a hotel for your stay, food, and other needed expenses. Experience spicy food and the culture of India with your team as you serve together.

Click here to learn more about this community.

Fuller Center For Housing

Cost: 1,330

Duration: 10 days

With Fuller Center For Housing, you can travel to India to build houses for the homeless there, as well as other needed businesses to support the community.

You will also be able to work alongside the community since this organization provides jobs as well.

Volunteers will receive training and a handbook so that you feel prepared before starting the mission’s work. This trip does not include any leisure activities and you will receive all of the basic amenities.

To look more into this trip click here.

9) Mission Trips To The Philipines

The Philipines is an island in the southeast. The Philippines is known for its tropical fruit and sandy beaches with crystal clear water.

This country is working on increasing its economic situation to better all its citizens. 8.2% of Filipinos are protestants, and 11% are Muslims. Churches are currently being built here, but there are still not many.

Trip Opportunities:

Below are trip opportunities for adults wanting to help in the Philipines.

Operation Mobilization


Duration: 10 days

This trip with Operation Mobilization is a great opportunity for you if you love to worship. On this trip, you will participate in two different worship workshops.

These workshops share worship with the people who attend in a way that relates to them culturally.

Depending on your experience there are different roles that you will focus on during this time. You get to explore the Philipines while worshipping Christ. As well as building relationships with the locals.

To learn about experience needed for this trip click here.

Action International Ministries

Cost: $1,000-$1,200

Duration: 1 week- 3 years

Travel to Manilla, Philipines with Action International Ministries. While there you will partner with the Paga-Aga school for orphans. There are currently 40 students enrolled at the school who are being raised up to be followers of Christ.

This site offers you the opportunity to serve at this school anywhere from 1 week to potentially three years. Through this trip you will be able to acquire hands on experience teaching children in a foreign country and gain a knowledge of Filipino culture.

Click here to learn more about this trip

10) Mission Trips To Haiti

Haiti is known as the “Land of the mountains” because of its vast mountain range. In 2008 this country experienced a hurricane that left destruction in its wake, followed by an earthquake in 2010.

As a result of both of these events around 74% of Haiti’s populations are now living in the slums with limited access to necessities for survival.

Trip Opportunities:

Traveling to Haiti will allow you to make a slight impact on those you come into contact with, but God will make an even bigger impact on you by traveling to this country

Mission Of Hope

Cost: $675

Duration: 7 days

Missions of hope in Haiti offers you the opportunity to work alongside schools and churches in this beautiful community. You will be able to serve in construction, medical, evangelism, and VBS in the community.

To get more info click here.

Healing Haiti

Cost: $800

Duration: 8 days

Healing Haiti is a mission organization focused on loving and helping those who live in this country. Through this trip, you’ll get a break from your life to be there for people and children who feel alone.

Spend time with them showing Christ’s love, spending time with kids, and help them complete daily chores.

To learn more about Healing Haiti click here.

11) Mission Trips To Honduras

Honduras sits right next to the Caribbean and within close proximity of rain forests. Though 76% of the population are Christians there is still a desperate need for the gospel in this country.

The locals also need help with constructing new buildings and supporting their community.

Trip Opportunities:

Honduras has a need for assistance within each of their communities and in their education system.

DCI Missions

Cost: $400

Duration: 8 days

Travel to the untouched Mayan campus with DCI missions. This trip to Haiti will focus on evangelizing to street children within this country.

On this trip you’ll be able to participate in VBS, leading activities for the kids, and engage in several other service projects to help benefit the children.

To contact this organization click here.

World Gospel Outreach

Cost: $690

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Travel to Rancho Ebenezer in Honduras with your group and spend up to two weeks surrounded by coffee beans and smiling faces. For the duration of your trip you work at WGO children’s home.

You’ll spend your time reflecting Jesus’ light into their lives by pouring time into them, loving on them, teaching them, and helping with maintenance at the school.

To go love on these kids in need click here.

12) Mission Trips To Germany

In the heart of Europe you’ll discover Germany. From bratwursts, lederhosen, forests this country has many unique attractions for all it’s visitors.

The church in Germany is rapidly declining and about 2% of the population are believers. This country has a huge need for the light of Christ to shine through it again.

Trip Opportunities:

Though Germany may not be as at risk of poverty and unhealthy living circumstances compared to others, this country is in desperate need of God’s love.

RP Missions

Cost: $2,000-2,400

Duration: 1 week

This trip to the Swiss Alps with RP missions will keep you moving your entire time. Join a group of youth and their families as you help lead them at a camp retreat.

You will need a lot of energy and a great work ethic to participate in this trip, but the reward of bringing these families closer to Christ will be more than worth it.

To sign up for this fun trip click here.

Greater Europe Mission

Cost: email organization

Duration: 1- 11 months

Greater Europe Missions (GEM) offers ages starting at youth with no age limit to go to Germany and spread the word of God.

On this trip, you can spend your summer in Germany working with local missionaries to help immigrants. In this location, you’ll work with kids, organize events for outreach, and support the community.

To contact GEM click here.

13) Mission Trips To France

France is known for its breathtaking sites, love for art, and landmarks. Though France may not be a third-world country it still has a need for ministry. Though this city may be flourishing economically it is suffering spiritually.

The ratio for Christians in France is 6 Christians out of every group of 1,000. Catholicism and Islam are the two most practiced religions within this country and there is a draw to secularism pulling them further from God.

Trip Opportunities:

Missions opportunities in France are more laid back in the realm of labor, but focus more so on friendship evangelism.


Cost: Email site for details

Duration: 1-5 months

Are you a barista who wants to travel and share the gospel? If yes then this trip is a great opportunity. Travel to France to work at a local cafe that ministers to refugees.

You will have the chance to partner with the local church, work as a barista, and learn french.

Click here to receive more information.

Mission Adventuring

Cost: $2,9995

Duration: 12 days

This trip will take you to a tiny town in France next to Marseille and partner with the YWAM team there. You will spend the majority of your time serving the ministry teams there so that they are able to have their cups filled.

You will serve through painting, cleaning, and sometimes serving the local homeless community.

Get involved by clicking here.

14) Mission Trips To Belize

This country is known as the “Jewel in the heart of the Caribbean”. Belize is right next to the Balize barrier reef and has many things to discover.

Though Belize is considered an upper-middle-income country, the poverty rate is high and 43% live within the poverty line.

Trip Opportunities:

Missions trips in Belize focus on assisting the ting the needy withing this country and bringing them hope.

Bold Hope

Cost: $795

Duration: 7 days

Travel with Bold Hope to the Bermudian landing in Belize. This trips focus is on construction, so you will assist in finishing the ceiling of the local church in Belize.

You will also have the chance to build relationships with the local ministry team and the locals as you complete this task and engage in local evangelism.

Click here to contact this organization.

DCI Missions

Cost: $495- 595

Duration: 2 weeks

Discover the Western Yucatan within Belize on this two week mission trip. Help spread the gospel within multiple cities and shine Christs light through evangelism.

Help give the beauty of sight to those within the cities as you and your team distribute eyeglasses.

To find more information click here

15) Mission Trips To Austrailia

Australia is full of beautiful scenery including “the bush” and “the outback”, and known for all of it’s unique creatures. Australia has a lot to offer to opportunities, but even more to missionaries.

Only 1% of the population is evangelical, so the need for the gospel is high.

Trip Opportunities:

Australia has many unique ministry opportunities to shine God’s light through this country.

RP Missions

Cost: $2,000-2,600

Duration: 1-4 weeks

Travel to the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia, and help lead a VBS for a small church. You will get to teach the local children about God and His love for us through songs, games, and crafts as you participate in this ministry opportunity.

On top of VBS, you will also attend the local church to build relationships with the congregation.

To see what this trip is all about click here

Focus Missions

Cost: Email for details

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Travel to Australia with Focus missions and discover the beauty of everyone who lives thereby participating in evangelism. Spread the gospel with others through friendship ministry, outreach, and partnering with local churches.

You and your team will focus on leading others to Christ and helping them develop a relationship with Him.

Click here to get connected with Focus

Remember that the goal of short terms missions trips is to not go and save people, but to point them to their savior.

Before going on one of these trips make sure that you take some time in prayer so that God is able to help you see His vision for you on your trip and so He can help you see everyone you meet the way He sees them.

To find more mission trips – check this blog out.