Missions/Missionary Colleges: Top 25 & What to Consider

Are you considering attending a missions college but don’t know where to start? Unlike many professions, the path to becoming a missionary is not a clear one. It can be difficult to discern your calling, know where to go, what to do, or where to get the training you need to be effective.

That’s why we wanted to document in this article the top missions schools you should consider and how to evaluate them to make it easier. But first…

What is a missions college? A missions college is a higher education institution with a strong emphasis on Christian missions and a program(s) dedicated to training Christian missionaries.

There are quite a few of them to consider below, so we thought we would start with a list of how to evaluate them.

What to Consider In a Missions College:

Here’s a list of practical things to take into account for finding a missions school best suitable for you.

1. Beliefs of the University

Do all of the beliefs the university align with scripture? It’s important to take this into consideration because we must make sure the words we are taking to a cross-cultural context and sharing with people who don’t know the Bible actually align with its teachings. It’s important to look over the universities beliefs before applying—which are most times located under their “about” section on their website—and make sure they line up with scripture.

2. Cost

Because missionaries tend to live on either relatively low income or income that is reliant on donations, it is important to go to the field with as little debt as possible to relieve financial burdens. Many missions agencies won’t even accept missionaries if they have too much debt, which is normally considered anything above $30,000. Financial burdens are one of the most detrimental burdens a missionary can face, so when researching potential missions colleges, it’s crucial to spend time researching the cost of the university and take into consideration the number of loans you will need to take out and make sure you will graduate as debt-free as possible.

3. Amount of Discipleship

Matthew 28:19 commands us to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” It is important to consider how much discipleship training the university offers because we must first know and understand what it means to be a disciple before we go and make disciples. Does the university offer opportunities for growth in discipleship such as Bible studies, life groups, outreaches, or classes which are crucial in the Christian life and can better equip you in discipleship? If not, it’s time to start looking at another university.

4. Missions Experience of Faculty

Being taught about missions by an experienced missionary is a necessity. You wouldn’t want to learn how to perform heart surgery by a mailman, so why would you want to be taught missions by someone who hasn’t experienced life in a cross-cultural context first-hand? Experienced missionaries can better train, teach, and prepare those who are wanting to be a missionary themselves. They’ll have the best stories, advice, and wisdom when it comes to missions.

5. Course Curriculum

For a student wanting effective training and knowledge in being a missionary, it is a necessity to be in a curriculum that will give you the most beneficial information for a successful life on the mission field. This may include classes such as spiritual warfare, cultural anthropology, worldviews, etc. Most universities list the course curriculum on their website under “academics.” It’s important to take some time and research their course curriculum and whether or not it would be beneficial to you as an aspiring missionary.

Now that we’ve gone over what to consider while searching for the perfect missions university for you, here’s a list of the top 25 missions-minded colleges dedicated to equipping students to a lifetime of cross-cultural service and offer a B.A. or higher in a degree that would be beneficial for a career in missions.

Top 25 Missions Colleges:

The following list is in alphabetical order.

1. Appalachian Bible College

Appalachian Bible College is located in Mount Hope, West Virginia. It has around 300 students and is a non-denominational university. “Because Life is for Service” is ABC’s motto, but it’s more than that; it’s the evident passion that is integrated into every aspect of ministry within ABC. Appalachian Bible College produces men and women who are trained to serve through quality Bible and theology classes. They are also equipped to serve through the development of Christlike character and guided Christian service.

ABC offers an accredited Missions program that provides instruction that is both theoretical and practical and is guided by experienced missionaries. From writing a prayer letter to disciple believers, students will be fully equipped to serve in local and cross-cultural missions. Students at ABC have the opportunity to receive a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Bible/Theology and Missions. Students can choose one of four concentrations in the Missions Degree including:

  • Internship: Spend 6-8 weeks in a cross-cultural setting
  • Language: Build a foundation for translation work
  • Nursing: Prepare for service in medical missions
  • TESOL: Spread the Gospel through teaching English

Learn more about Appalachian Bible College here.

2. Bethany Global University

Bethany Global University is located in Bloomington, MN right outside of Minneapolis. It is the only accredited university whose sole focus is missions. Students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree will spend their first two years on campus taking classes, participating in outreach, attending chapels, participating in various events, and getting training in discipleship and how to be an effective missionary.

During their junior and first half of their senior year, students will go to one of BGU’s internship sites for 16 months including African sites, European sites, Asian sites, and restricted sites as a certified missionary participating in local ministries. After the 16 month internship, students come back for the last semester of their senior year to finish their degree.

Highlights of Bethany Global University include:

  • A 16-month Global Internship: Students spend 16 months in one of nine locations working alongside experienced missionaries as they continue their studies online.
  • Tuition-Paid Model: students pay $0 dollars out of pocket for tuition and only pay for their room, board, and fees while they study on campus.
  • Practical Training: BGU believes in sending missionaries to the field with as little debt as possible, so students work on an on-campus job for their tuition in departments such as the finance office, marketing, the kitchen, services (which includes maintenance, paint crew, cleaning crew, etc.) and others. Through this program, they also gain valuable job skills that come in handy later on in their ministry.

Learn more about Bethany Global University’s Missions College.

3. Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University is located in Dallas, TX, near downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth. DBU offers Baptist Student Ministries, which is a religious organization for students of all denominations that sponsor student missionaries, mission trips, Bible studies, and events on campus.

DBU also offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Intercultural Studies (Missions) degree which is designed for students who desire to serve both nationally and internationally through missions, relief, and/or development work. The Intercultural Studies (Missions) major is designed to provide students with an understanding of the basic elements of any culture or subculture and to equip those students to work and minister effectively within various cultural contexts.

Students in the Intercultural Studies Program learn about community development, social structures, cultural stress, the skills one needs to facilitate social change, and about intercultural relationships. This program is designed to prepare students to analyze, understand, and work in different cultural settings from both social and Christian perspectives.

Learn more about Dallas Baptist University here.

4. Eastern University

Eastern University is located in St. Davids, PA, and is ranked the most beautiful Christian college campus in the world. It is located less than 2 hours from Baltimore, Lancaster, New York City, Washington DC, and Jersey Shore, leaving students with endless exploring opportunities.

Eastern offers a degree in Global Studies and Service which equips and allows students to learn effective cross-cultural service both at home and abroad. They also have a curriculum that integrates anthropological training with missionary purposes and equips students with intercultural skills as well as a solid, in-depth biblical foundation. Students at Eastern are strongly encouraged to study abroad and/or do ethnographies in locations around the globe, including the Creation Care Studies Program in Belize, Urban Immersion Program in Philadelphia, and more.

Graduates of Eastern have founded recovery programs for women caught in terrorism in Sri Lanka, launched intentional inner-city communities, taught English in Thailand, China, and Korea, served as international social workers in Uganda, translated the Bible via sign language in Lithuania.

Learn more about Eastern University here.

5. George Fox University

George Fox University is located in Newberg, Oregon. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks George Fox among the nation’s leaders in study abroad participation. They offer a Christian Ministries Major with a concentration in Cross-Cultural Ministry, which trains and prepares students who are interested in cross-cultural ministry contexts in either the United States and overseas. Students who are pursuing this major will explore foundational topics such as the historical development of the global church, issues, and trends in contemporary mission, contextual methods for cross-cultural ministry, and the Biblical theology of mission.

Students who have attended George Fox University have had the opportunity to study a full term on every continent in the world except for Antarctica. In addition to the core courses, students who are pursuing the Christian Ministries Major with a concentration of Cross-Cultural Ministry will participate in practical cross-cultural ministry experiences through the semester abroad program. They also have the opportunity to intern in local churches, nonprofit organizations, or parachurch organizations.

Learn more about George Fox University here.

6. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is located in Phoenix, AZ. Since GCU’s founding in 1949, it has been a Christian college with a Biblically rooted mission. Although GCU was founded as a Baptist university, today it is an interdenominational university that welcomes students from all backgrounds. At GCU, students have everything they need to be able to enjoy the entire college experience, from NCAA Division I athletics to suite-style residence halls, popular dining options, fun events, clubs, and organizations.

GCU offers a B.A. in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Global Ministry. This degree teaches and equips students to become effective servant-leaders both at home and abroad. Graduates may choose to pursue work as intercultural missionaries, where they may spread the love of Christ and the Word of God to those who have yet to hear it.

Students pursuing the B.A. in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Global Ministry will develop a keen understanding of the principles of anthropology within the context of missiology. They will also learn how to analyze and engage groups of people in different cultural contexts. Within this degree, there is a focus on contemporary issues in global ministry including recent mission movements, best practices for mission strategies, and modern trends in cross-cultural Christianity.

Learn more about GCU here.

7. Harding University

Harding University is located in Searcy, Arkansas. It is a private institution of higher education and whose faculty is dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service and to their role as models of Christian living.

Harding offers both a B.A. and a minor in Bible and Missions and a minor in Medical Missions.

Special opportunities they have to include:

  • Global Missions Experience
  • Global Missions Conference
  • Global Outreach
  • Medical Missions Seminar

And more.

Harding University believes that at this critical point in history, it is important that Christians renew our commitment to participate fully in the mission of God, both at home and abroad. They also believe that while the pluralism of our postmodern culture denies the need to preach the Gospel, salvation is found in Christ alone and that all Christians are commanded to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

At Harding University, 48% of the 2010 graduating class participated in a study abroad experience at one of their international campuses, such as in Australia, London, England, Florence, Italy, Vina del Mar, Chile, Kaloma, Zambia, and much more!

Learn more about Harding University here.

8. Houghton College

Houghton College is located in Houghton, NY. At Houghton College, more than half the students experience the world through off-campus study. For students, this is far more than an excursion. It’s a way to take what you’re learning–political science, intercultural studies, theology, business, medicine–and apply it to a new context.

Houghton offers an Intercultural Studies major which equips and teaches students to serve effectively in cross-cultural communities around the globe or in the United States. With this major, students can choose a concentration in missions which prepares them to interact with the culture and gain a solid foundation in missions studies.

Semester programs at Houghton include:

  • Houghton in East Africa
  • London Honors
  • Arctic Studies in Alaska
  • Go ED Africa
  • Go ED Mekong

May term programs include:

  • Art and Architecture in Europe
  • Aspects of Costa Rica
  • Development Research in Sierra Leone
  • Ecology of Alaska
  • And more!

Learn more about Houghton College here.

9. Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University is located in Marion, IN and is an institution of the Wesleyan Church, a worldwide body of evangelical Protestant believers. IWU is a Christ-centered academic community which is committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship, and leadership.

Indiana Wesleyan University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Global Ministries. Students pursuing this degree will be equipped to serve in cross-cultural ministry both at home and abroad. This program combines courses in classical religious studies, such as Bible, religion, theology, philosophy, and missiology, and in intercultural studies with practical courses that are focused on cross-cultural life and service. The Global Ministries program is designed to train, equip, and teach students to serve in cross-cultural professional ministry.

Students at IWU have direct access to the faculty and are encouraged to work closely with them on academic studies, research projects, and mission trips.

Learn more about Indiana Wesleyan University here.

10. Malone University

Malone University is located in Canton, Ohio. It is affiliated with the Evangelical Friends Church. Malone University offers more than 65 student organizations, so students will be able to quickly find their niche on campus.

Students can choose to study Missions & Cross-Cultural Ministry at Malone University. This major is designed to provide an understanding of the Bible, Christian theology, and the history and practice of cross-cultural ministry. It endeavors to combine faith, theory, and practical experience by providing internship/practicum opportunities that can begin in the sophomore year and continue for up to three years. This major prepares students who desire to be in a cross-cultural context working in missionary service or pastoral leadership.

Malone University also offers a study abroad program. Wherever the student’s interests lie, Malone University is able to connect them with a program that allows for growth in every area of their life, while also taking their interests in consideration simultaneously. Students also may be eligible to apply for scholarships to help cover the costs of their study abroad program.

Learn more about Malone University here.

11. Messiah College

Messiah College is located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Messiah College believes in having a passion for Christian community, so they incorporate chapel with student-led worship, small groups, and Bible studies as a part of daily life. Messiah College also believes that Christians are called to serve, so there is not a lack of service opportunities for students. Whether it’s locally, nationally, or around the globe, Messiah is committed to preparing students for a lifetime of service.

At Messiah, there is an abundance of opportunities for international service trips. Students can work with teams in Northern Ireland or Brazil, among others with the Agapé Center. Students can also combine their love of sports and ministry on an AROMA (A Revolution of Missional Athletes) trip to countries such as Uganda, El Salvador, Panama, and others. Students also have the opportunity to provide research assistance and real-world solutions to sites in Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, or others.

Messiah College offers a useful degree for those who feel the calling to be a missionary such as:

  • Cross-Cultural Ministries
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • World Christianity
  • Chinese Business
  • Chinese Studies

And more! Learn more about Messiah College here.

12. Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bible Institute’s undergraduate program is located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. At Moody, students can pursue a BA in Intercultural Studies, where students learn to share the Gospel in a cross-cultural context and gain an understanding of the global church. Students pursuing this degree will:

  • Practice communicating across cultural barriers
  • Learn how to communicate the Gospel in an effective way to people from any background
  • Gain an understanding of world religions and worldviews
  • Take classes on how to learn other languages

And more.

Students at Moody will have the opportunity to complete a semester at one of their international partner schools. Students will live on their international campus and take classes from professors who have years worth of practical and academic experience. Students who study abroad at Moody have the opportunity to get connected to the local church. They’ll also have the opportunity to see the global church as it functions in different contexts and do ministry in a cross-cultural context.

Learn more about Moody Bible Institute here.

13. Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University is located in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and they offer more than 50 student-led clubs or organizations, even with the opportunity to start your own. At MVNU, students can rent a kayak or bike from their REC for a day on the Kokosing river or trail with friends, plug into a small group, CoSMO service project, or explore one of their international travel options.

MVNU offers a Christian Ministry major with a concentration in Intercultural Studies. Students pursuing this major will get the foundation they need to serve in a variety of cross-cultural ministry roles.

Students in this program will also receive the Biblical, theological, and pastoral education provided by the Christian Ministry major, including the tools needed to apply it within a cross-cultural setting.

Students who are pursuing this major will be equipped to minister within other cultures, whether it be as a missionary with a church or parachurch organization, or as a pastor in a multi-cultural context. Beyond the required practical experience, MVNU offers many internships and service possibilities are available for additional practical experience.

Learn more about Mount Vernon Nazarene University here.

14. North Central University

North Central University is located in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota and belongs to the Assemblies of God district. NCU offers daily chapel services, leading a food drive for a local shelter, or spending time in the classroom learning and expanding upon personal growth and development.

NCU offers an Intercultural Studies program which allows students to study abroad within one of their international programs.

The Intercultural Studies major will equip students to share the love of Christ cross-culturally with a focus on those who have been unreached for the Gospel and those who are oppressed and impoverished.

Students pursuing this major will learn to gain global and cultural awareness as well as learning how to engage with people from various backgrounds. Students graduate from the Intercultural Studies program with the ability to discipline and mentor other people, with cross-cultural communication skills, and Biblical, theological, and practical understanding of world missions.

NCU offers four study abroad programs. Students in the study abroad program participate in a 4-week faculty-led international fieldwork experience after completion of sophomore year. Some locations include but are not limited to Argentina, Lebanon, Uganda, Ecuador, Israel, and Russia.

Learn more about North Central University here.

15. Northwest University

Northwest University is located in Kirkland, Washington. The campus sits on 56 acres of rolling greens and trees, overlooking Lake Washington. Students who live on campus are able to enjoy the beauty and safety of Kirkland while being just 10 minutes from all the amenities of Seattle and close to outdoor adventures in the area. Northwest University is located in one of the most vibrant economies in the United States surrounded by companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

NU offers a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies. Students who are pursuing this degree can:

  • Choose from multiple internship and study-abroad opportunities to gain an immersive experience in their area of concentration
  • Explore concepts from study areas like culture, world religions, history, theology, and art while refining their communication skills at the same time
  • Select one of eight different concentrations: Africa Studies, Asia Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, Latin American Studies, or Middle East Studies as international focus areas; or First Nations Ministry, University Ministry, or Urban Ministry as local focus areas

And more!

Learn more about Northwest University here.

16. Nyack College

Nyack has three campuses, one of which is located in New York, NY, and the other two are located in Nyack, NY. Nyack College is a Christian and Missionary Alliance educational institution through its undergraduate, graduate, and seminary programs. Nyack College pursues its historic mission of preparing men and women to “take the whole Gospel to the whole world.”

Nyack offers both an Associate’s Degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies. The Intercultural Studies Department at Nyack is designed to equip students for the engaging opportunities and challenges of our current and future world–at home or beyond our borders. Nyack’s curriculum provides foundational and specialized skills for work in business, non-profit, humanitarian, diplomatic, and Christian ministries.

Students who are pursuing the Intercultural Studies degree study cultural sensitivity and awareness, skills for business and/or non-profits in both relief and development, ministry skills, and Bible knowledge and application. Students in this major also will take two internships which enable them to gain practical experience both domestically and internationally.

Learn more about Nyack College here.

17. Oklahoma Christian University

Oklahoma Christian University is located in Oklahoma City, OK. It was named one of the best universities in the west by U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review. OC’s location just 10 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City provides access to jobs and internships.

OCU offers a Bachelor of Arts in Missions and offers various missions programs. Students pursuing this degree will:

  1. Learn how to communicate Biblical truths effectively to people from cultural backgrounds different from their own.
  2. Be sufficiently grounded in the Scriptures to be able to teach the word of God competently and faithfully regardless of the cultural context.
  3. Learn the importance of the church in God’s plan of salvation for people of every nation, every tongue, and every tribe.

And more.

OCU also offers a Missions minor which includes classes such as Hermeneutics, The New Testament Church, Missions Experience, etc.

Learn more about Oklahoma Christian University here.

18. Prairie Bible College

Prairie Bible College is located in Three Hills, the southern part of the province of Alberta, Canada. Over the years, 17,000 students left prepared to serve God in 114 countries around the world. Prairie Bible College’s heart’s desire is that all of their students, while members of their learning community, will be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Prairie Bible College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies. Students pursuing this degree will learn to communicate the Gospel effectively to those in cross-cultural contexts.

At Prairie, students study all the books of the Bible, theology, culture, and TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages). One month of their third year will be spent traveling with their team to Asia, then they go on their own to a nation/ministry of their choosing for six months to learn the language and culture and minister along with seasoned missionaries. After that, their team will travel for another month in Africa and the Middle East, including a few days in Israel.

Opportunities for spiritual growth at Prairie include:

  • Chapel—Prairie’s purpose is to edify each other and glorify God.
  • Impact Groups—Impact groups are Biblical small group communities that serve as a vital context for spiritually growing together.
  • Service—Each student helps and prepares for a life of service while at Prairie.
  • Congregational Life—Students choose a local congregation and participate within the body of Christ.
  • Days of Prayer—Prairie schedules opportunities twice a year where they dedicate a full day to grow in practice of prayer.

Learn more about Prairie Bible College here.

19. Southwest Baptist University

Southwest Baptist University is located in Bolivar, Missouri. SBU is a Christ-centered, caring academic community which equips students to be servant leaders in a global society. SBU offers a Bachelor of Arts in intercultural studies that will equip students with both academic training and practical experience needed for long-term service in a cross-cultural setting.

SBU was a pioneer in offering an intercultural studies program with a six-month semester abroad experience as a degree requirement component. Students will work under the direction of an experienced individual in language acquisition, cross-cultural ministry, gaining experience in ministry, and cultural acclimation.

Students will also complete a minor (or second major) in a subject area of their choice as part of their degree to equip them with a marketable skill needed when entering a restricted country or when pursuing bi-vocational ministry. Options include business management, computer science, education, English as a second language, health care, sports management, social work, or another subject of their choice.

Learn more about Southwest Baptist University here.

20. The Master’s University

The Master’s University is located in Santa Clarita, California, only miles from beaches, mountains, the desert, and Los Angeles. Santa Clarita is ranked among one of California’s safest cities.

Students can feel right at home at TMU while developing meaningful, life-long relationships with like-minded Christians. Students experience a missional, Gospel-centered student life both in and out of the classroom. TMU offers global outreach opportunities, 3 chapel services a week, and intentional opportunities for evangelism and community outreach.

TMU offers a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Global Studies. The Global Studies emphasis focuses on understanding cross-cultural ministry and is specifically designed for those who desire to serve in a full-time cross-cultural capacity.

Students will be required to study church planting, language, missionary life, and cultural anthropology while living on the mission field for one summer. The student will also serve in an ethnic church similar to the culture in which they desire to minister to.

Learn more about TMU here.

21. Toccoa Falls College

Toccoa Falls College is located in Toccoa Falls, Georgia, on the edge of Piedmont region and in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s a private, nonprofit Christian liberal arts institution that has a school of Christian Ministries. Within the school of Christian Ministries, they have a Global Ministries Department which offers degree programs in Cross-Cultural Studies, Cross-Cultural Adult Education, Cross-Cultural Business Administration, and Sustainable Community Development.

Toccoa Falls College is committed to academic excellence in a local and global setting. Students have the opportunity to be challenged through an engaged, academic travel experience with TFC faculty or earn credits through partner organizations. Cultural and historical exploration of neighboring countries is encouraged during the semester at TFC.

Opportunities to learn abroad include:

  • Saints Bible Institute, an institution in Northern Italy
  • Rome with Purpose
  • Jerusalem University College
  • Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
  • Semester Abroad Internship (For Cross-Cultural majors only)

Learn more about Toccoa Falls College here.

22. University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor is located in Belton, TX. Founded in 1845, the university has traditionally been known for producing excellent nurses, business leaders, educators, and missionaries.

Central parts of the UMHB experience include regular worship gatherings, weekly chapel, and campus groups like Baptist Student Ministries, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Cru for Life, and the Catholic Student Organization. Students at UMHB always have the opportunity to be involved in ministry on campus, in the community, across the nation, and around the world.

UMHB offers student missions to those who want to go on a Christmas missions trip or are thinking of spending their summer serving. They also offer opportunities for students to serve for an entire semester.

At UMHB, students can pursue a degree in Christian Ministry which opens their future to be a cross-cultural missionary. Some classes students pursuing this degree take are:

  • Intercultural Perspectives
  • Christian Ethics and Social Issues
  • Global Readings of the Gospel and Acts

And more.

Learn more about UMHB here.

23. University of the Nations

The University of the Nations is a part of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), an international and multi-denominational missionary network. It is an international training institution with 600 locations on all continents and in 160 nations, providing programs in over 100 languages around the world.

While UofN is not an accredited institution, they offer a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science which will be given to any student who has registered for a Bachelor’s degree on a NA/BS Degree Programme Planning Form, has been fully approved, and satisfies specific requirements such as discipleship training school prerequisite, cross cultural requirement, and core curriculum requirement.

UofN has limitless different opportunities for students to find their unique place within the university and in the world. From learning to use technology to deliver water, to learning illustration, to learning how to work in families, to learn how to use sports to disciple the nations, the opportunities are endless.

Learn more about University of the Nations here.

24. Waynesburg University

Waynesburg University is located in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. It is a private, Christian university which provides a valuable, personal, and hands-on educational experience that prepares undergraduate and graduate students for lives of purpose and continued growth.

Waynesburg University offers an intercultural studies program, and students in this program will spend at least four weeks studying away from campus. They also have the option to complete an international internship where they can focus on their studies in a particular country, a selected part of the world, or international relations.

Waynesburg University offers opportunities to go on mission trips for whichever major the student is pursuing. They also offer a degree in Christian Mission which allows students to travel and be in cross-cultural settings while bringing Christian insight and fellowship to every community they visit.

As a Christian Mission student, you’ll gain practical experience in the mission field. Before you go, Waynesburg University will equip you with the skills needed to witness to God’s love with effective missionary work including geography, world civilization, international economics, sociology of cultures, international relations, and languages.

Learn more about Waynesburg University here.

25. Whitworth University

Whitworth University is located in Spokane, Washington, which is the second-largest city in Washington state. Through the building of mentoring relationships and a wide variety of programs, the student life division at Whitworth assists students in understanding who they are, what their gifts are, how to build relationships, how they can develop spiritually, and how to express their faith in service to others.

Whitworth University offers a B.A. in International Studies with a Political Science or History Emphasis. Students who are pursuing the international studies major at Whitworth have the opportunity to develop a global perspective that is vital in understanding our cross-cultural world.

Through studying history, political science, and more, students will grow to understand and appreciate the history and culture of other people as well as how they impact international interactions today.

Students who major in international studies at Whitworth will have the opportunity to explore cross-culturally, gain proficiency in another language, and more.

Learn more about Whitworth University here.

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What degree should a missionary earn? The most common degree aspiring missionaries earn is intercultural/cross-cultural studies but Bible and theology degrees are also very common. You can read this post to learn more about which degrees a missionary should earn to learn more.

How do I know if I am called to missions? There isn’t a widely agreed-upon way to know, but general wisdom says that you should seek God in prayer and wise counsel from mature Christians in your life. The Bible does emphasize that we all have a role to play in missions though and there are not nearly enough missionaries on the field, so that is worth considering. You can also read this article about how to discern your missions calling. It was written by a missionary who has helped hundreds of other aspiring missionaries discern their callings.